I need help!! Come help me find a good throw.


??? I haven’t thrown a yoyo in about 5 months now. I’m not going to tell you why. Anyways, I want a good throw that I can get for Christmas. I prefer yoyofactory, CLYW, or maybe yoyojam. Oh, I was on advanced part 2 but I might need an advanced throw. I don’t want it to be over $100 because I already am going to get an Xbox or PS3.

(Waylon) #2

You will have to be significantly more specific than that.


I want a 1A yoyo.


over, mid or undersized?
H-shape, V-shape, rounded?
Floaty or heavy-playing?

Please be more specific.


Mid sized or slightly over sized. More of an H shape for string tricks. I want it to be smooth and a bit floaty.

(Waylon) #6

Excellent description. I’m afraid I’m not much help. About the only thing I own that matches your description is an Envy64, but they are notorious for vibe. I don’t mind vibe but it seems a lot of players obsess over it.


Sounds like the Square Wheels Royale is what you want.