Finding the Perfect Throw

Hey guys,

I’m buying a new yo-yo and wanted you guys to suggest what you think would fit my preferences.
So here they are:

Size: Small-Medium
Weight: Below 67g - I prefer rim weight over center weight
Spin: Long spins- no heavy brick feeling
Response: No Hybrid/ Prefer system that accepts flowable silicone
Tricks: Whips/ Slacks/ Slow-Fast tricks
Color: Matters
Shape: Interesting shape- slightly angular/ rounded/ may have rims (any type of rims)
Mod or Maintain: Maintain- like to play yoyo exactly the way it comes forever
Company: Any
Price: 90-120

Thanks guys

The BOSS is screaming at you!

h00t Eneme!

boss, 888x or if h sape skyline

Save your money and get a dv888. It fits your preferences.

I have a dv888… i also tried an 888x and i hated it

OK… then next I would suggest a BOSS.

Like everyone else said, go for a BOSS. I personally prefer the Dv888.

Silicone response, angular shape, rim weighted, aren’t those the exact specs of a g5? It is perfect for you!

this is actually a pretty broad preference list. i find the best way we can help you out is by taking a yoyo you have, and making it perfect. for example lets say you have a dark magic. if it was my yoyo id keep the width, cut a little down on diameter, put in a nice, clean flat bearing. silicone pads or flowable. 4.1-4.5 gap. keep the nice butterfly shape, maybe flat rims though. more rim weight so longer sleep times. bead blast finish and a better IRG. metal. if i did that to my Dark Magic, I actually end up with the General-Yo 5 star and Hatrick. Of course there are others that work, but very few. i actually did this process, and the Hatrick looked so perfect, i ordered one on saturday, because i was looking for my perfect throw as well. good luck! the boss fits your preferences!

duncan hugo zhor