What yoyo should i get next?

Not over 95$

That is not enough info. There is so many yoyo’s out there, and we want to get the right one for you, that you will really like. So just fill out these questions and we’ll be able to help you!

  1. What size do you prefer? (Big, small, medium, etc)
  2. What shape do you prefer? (Be specific: Round Butterfly, Flat Rims, pointy shape, H-Shape)
  3. What response do you prefer? (Silicone, O-Ring, Hybrid, Pad, etc)
  4. Do you like to mod/maintain it?
  5. What weight is ideal to you?
  6. Does color matter?
  7. How does your style relate to the yoyo? (What kind of tricks do you like to do? Fast? Technical? Smooth? Slacks?)
  8. What is your skill level?

SR is completely right. Also, YOYOXPERT123, please be a little more indepth for your posts, this has been happening alot, and its really irratating if people want to help you but there is not enough information.


2.any besides imperial.
4.no just maybe silver rim it
5.dont care
8.im in expert part 1

Go for a new brand. Get the Skyy Chaser (Size D bearing) here at YoYoExpert.com. It’s manufactured by an awesome company named SPYY. I have one and love it. It’s fast and smooth, small has silicone response, and fits nicely in your price range. I really think you’ll like it. But make sure you get the D sized bearing. Here’s a link:


what else?

didnt you just get a dv888


that should be more than enough for you…

I have a gret one the dark magic i got it andit is amazing

chase the dm is not good for EVERYTHING its not what he is looking for so think about his preferences then recommend or don’t recommend (not to be mean)

a hatrick would be PERFECT if you could find one on the BST.
my hatrick plays like a BEAST!!!

a lot would be perfect. M1 sounds good. so does hatrick or ministar. and so does a DV888 but aperently you just got one. so why get anything else. something wrong with it? we can help fix it. dont like it? well what dont you like if you dont? are you looking further into the future? ok then i would understand.

but look into a lot of one drop, generalyo, yyf has everything for all preferences.

but really all i got from your preferences is small and fast. because when most people say shape, now they mean shape within butterfly shape. H shape (G5, and genesis are some examples, V shape (speeder, frantic, M1), round shape (888, boss, hatrick), beafrims (Punchline) ?

dv888 ton scratches it hurts when i touch the rims.

never ask a question on a yoyo with absolutely no preference or narrow down

If you don’t like it, take care of your yoyos.

I was thinking of getting a g5 or grind machine(dont know why i wanna get the gm but its cheap and has hubs.Whats the hub spin and regular spin time for it?)

would be the yoyojam eneme large long spinning and smooth grinds and easy to land the string on

i can get a couple of min on a grind machine, but then again, so can a lot of people. and a lot of people can get more or less. there are so many factors