h- shape yoyos?

I fell in love with the shape, and would love to buy another one. Could you suggest some?

One drop dang, it has side effects and is more of an h shape then the code1

Superstar, NVX, beyond envy, Genesis, Mvp, G5 Plus if you can find one, CODE-1, Monkey finger evil-yo, super-g, Primo. there’s more i’m sure, but those are the ones i can think of

Wrong section BTW.

The BEST H-Shape Yo-Yo’s I have used are the Ten-Yo Decapod, And the 3yo3 Accent. The Decapod is H-Shape to the extreme, and is amazingly stable, and pretty solid. The Accent, on the other hand, is light and zippy, while giving the awesome looks of acrylic.