H-shape Yoyo Recommendations

(Justin ) #1

As some of you may or may not know, I love H-shaped yoyos. I currently have the Firrox 7075, Horizon/Horizon Ultra, and the Abduction. (I’m not sure if the Boost is H-shape or not). I’m curious if there are some great H-shaped yoyos that I’m missing; post your recommendations!

(Tyler) #2

Do you mean yoyos like Hspins Envy or the Bite Size by Hubless?

(Justin ) #3

Those look like very extreme H-shapes! I think I’m looking for something more subtle and usual like the yoyos in mentioned in my post.


I have a new in box Eternal Throws Sesh if that is of interest.

(Justin ) #5

ooo the Sesh looks spicy :fire::fire::fire: Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, I’m not really looking to buy anything right now; I just want to get to know what’s out there! Thank you for the offer though :wink:

(Evan Landreneau) #6

The Motor City Mitten is a very good h- shaped yoyo. I have one and I really like it.

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Thank you @codinghorror for giving me this yoyo, I really appreciate it!

({John15}) #7

It’s more of an organic w/h combination, but you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Top Deck.

You know that epic scene on The Matrix where Neo and Trinity bust into that building and it’s all slow motion and they’re like killing all those dudes? But the way they both work together & don’t get in each other’s way at all? That’s what it’s like playing with a Top Deck. It’s like… Smart

It’s like “Oh, you’re not that experienced? You’re working on Buddha’s Revenge or the matrix :wink:? Don’t worry man, we’re going to nail this, together.”

But it’s also like “So you want to work on a new speed combo? All right man, let’s get it!”

Top Deck is :heart:

(Jordan Blofeld) #8

I’m very proud of the Bounce. Our first affordable yoyo turned out to be a bit of a banger

(Justin ) #9

Omg how could I forget the Bounce!!! I have it, and I absolutely loveeeee it :hearts:

(ClockMonsterLA) #10

I give a big thumbs up to the Mowl Surveillance. Amazing H-shaped bimetal.

(Jordan Blofeld) #11

I didn’t really get on with the S series of Mowls. I do like the M and M+ very much though.

(Justin ) #12

This looks sickkkkk, pretty hefty price though. :disappointed_relieved:Would you say it’s worth it?

(David Hough) #13

It’s the most bimetal yoyo I have. It takes the spin and stability to their extremes. Some people might find that boring. For me, it’s a good go to trick learning yoyo. The quality is top notch and I believe it would be a great competition yoyo.


You might call it an ‘Rounded-H’ or maybe an H-bell’ shape, but the Topyo Silenus is a great play at a budget price. It’s usually in my backpack and still a joy to play.

(ClockMonsterLA) #15

I think the Surveillance skirts right on the edge of being “worth it” since it is so expensive. But if you can afford it (or find it for less on via BST), it is absolutely a must-have yoyo, IMO.

Another throw I can highly recommend, at half the price of the Mowl, is the TopYo Dominator. Incredible performance and playability, and I prefer it to the Silenus because it is under 46mm wide.