What's your favorite yoyo?

I am looking for another good yoyo… I like the feel of the shutter and the protostar

My favorite that I have tried that is available is the Peak 2. I enjoy organic shapes. They feel great in the hand, and doing a grind on my hand or arm with an organic shape feels natural. I also was a huge fan of the Peak when it came out so I have bias.

I’d also throw in basically anything made by onedrop. That’s just my opinion though, there are so many excellent companies putting out great product that you’d have a hard time going wrong. By something on yoyoexpert, and if it’s not your cup of tea, trade it on here as well.

My favorites are mostly One Drops. Right now, I’m really liking my Top Deck and my Dang2. I also love the Kuntosh but haven’t bought it yet. And if you like YYF, you should try the Edge.

I am new to modern yoyos but i really enjoy the Spark. I kind of rotate through my collection but the spark is my yoyo that is always with me.

Edge. No contest

This is a difficult question as always but I still really like my BBB Endeavor :slight_smile:

I retract my statement now that I have tried the ND ultra