Looking for a new 1A plastic throw.


I had ordered a MagicYoyo T6 on eBay a few weeks back. Was pretty decent until it smacked the ground, and now it vibes like crazy. I don’t have a whole lot of money right now and would like to try some other companies, being fairly new to the yoyo game. I’m currently working on getting the Boing-e-Boing rhythm down and getting quicker with “The Matrix”, so I’m on the “Advanced: Part 1” section of the yoyo lessons.

I’m looking for something Unresponsive, Size C bearing, preferably a slightly heavier one; 60+ grams. I have no preference to shape or response, I’m still experimenting with that. Looking for an under $20 price range.

So far of the Yoyofactory yoyos I have tried I am not a fan (FAST 201, New Velocity, and One). I do love my Duncan Freakhand after I put silicone stickers on it, but as I said I want something new, C bearing, unresponsive. I want to keep that one responsive.

The Adegle Asteroid looks interesting, if anyone had some info on that I’d be appreciative, if not feel free to add your own suggestions.


The yyj trigger and classic are beastly. And the asteroid is also a very nice budget plastic. The psg is fairly good as well.


The trigger for sure. ONEstar in 2ns. The trigger is a really really nice throw.


If you want heavy, look into the Yoyojam Surge.


If you want heavy, look into the Yoyojam Surge.
EDIT: sorry for the triple post, the app was acting weird.


I know you have said you are not a fan of YYF but the Paul Han edition OneStar is great for the price. I love mine and play it almost daily. You could win anything with it. Stable, grindable, spin time is great, and it’s less than $20 everywhere. I love it.


If you want heavy, look into the Yoyojam Surge.
EDIT: sorry for the triple post, the app was acting weird.


C3 alpha crash my man! Get it




My suggestions are this, the trigger,and the Surge. Depends on which looks better to you and how much you want to spend. They both play fantastic, and I’ve played all the YYF plastics except Northstar, and the classic, PSG (not the asteroid though). These two are the top players. I hear the diffusion is nice too, but pricey for plastic, never tried it.

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I’m gonna be old school and say north star.
My all time favorite Plastic ever.

But the classic and surge are honorable mentions.


Bleh the Surge kills it big time

Get a surge

Northstars are prone to crack

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Correction, older generation north stars are prone to crack.
They fixed that issue.


Forgive me! :’(

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Ahh, I didn’t mean to sound harsh!
Iwas just stating a fact.


lol I was kidding bro

Its all good in the hood maaaannnn.


I’m surprised no ones mentioned the PSG yet anyways it’s a good throw as well as the trigger and northstar.


A Fhz with mod spacers is pretty good, seriously no body tried or would recommend an c3 alpha crash accept me?
Or a yyj chaser would be good

Inb4 last post


Yyj classic for real cheap… But you’llhave to throw in a C bearing and ideally replace the response. If you dont want to do that then yyj surge.


Pleasantly surprised at all the responses. Thanks for the input, most of these I have considered and will look further into with some reviews and such. Can’t seem to find the North Star on this site, has it been discontinued?