Takewithmeeverywhere type yoyo


I want to get another cheap plastic yoyo to carry around with me. I already have a Surge so I’m thinking about getting either a Onestar, an Alphacrash, or a Token (a little more expensive and small). Which one should I get, or should I consider something else?


For only $20,the Alpha Crash is an amazing throw. It just performs so well. It has a very small vibe that most plastics have, but that doesn’t really matter. I like the Token too, but it is a bit unstable. The shape is great though, and it plays nicely. I felt the OneStar was much too light, coming from a guy who loves light yoyos.


My Alpha Crash was dead smooth. But I prefer the Token, it was very good overall as a yoyo, not just as a “pocket throw”. It plays very well.

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Honestly, Id say the classic destroys them all. Well, after the upgrade ofc
Well, Except the surge.


So many choices. Any of those are great. The Adegle Asteroid is a bit big, so maybe not that, but hey, what the heck, it’s only like $13 or so. PSG and/or PSG GEM. WHIP? ONE? Stackless PGM? Upgraded Classic? The StarBright is a lot of fun, heavier than the ONEStar, lighter than the Protostar.

If you don’t mind a touch of work, the Lyn Fury might be a good one. Silicone it, and shim it if you feel the need, and clean the bearing.


I’m thinking I’ll get the Alpha Crash. But I just found out that yoyoexpert is out of stock. How long do you think it will be before they restock?


Shoot them an Email. They’ll tell you what you need to know.


Probably the Onestar, FH2, or Duncan Throw Monkey.

The PSG is also nice.

But if your scared of dinging your yoyo, probably the Throw Monkey would be good.


The FH2 is a great yoyo, I was actually just playing with mine. I do feel that it needs a couple simple modifications to play at its top potential though. I have mine set up with a clean bearing and silicone stickers to make it dead unresponsive. It does seem to play heavier than its weight, so I took the caps off mine. Mine is also satined, but that’s optional.

Overall it’s a great player, that’s also one of the smoothest plastics I’ve used if tuned properly.


I don’t own a yoyo that isn’t a take with me everywhere yoyo. Just play with what ever you got man.


Alpha Crash for sure


I just took out one friction sticker and it works great for me.


Consider a trigger or maybe some sort of magicyoyo.


Upgraded classics are magnificent. If your willing to spend more the cafe racer is great for me. In the only plastic category the counter attack fh2 all great.


I’m sure that works great too, I was just giving my preferred set-up. The great thing about Duncan’s plastic yoyos is that they offer a great range of customization.


Get a Classic. 19mm response pads and a bearing of your choosing. It plays amazing one of my favorite throws. Or get a Surge but if you do get shims with it. It will play significantly better.