What is the new best budget plastic you have?

I want to know what plastics people like other than Yetis, Protostars, or rallys.

I recently got a Paul Hann Onestar and I love it.

YYJ Surge and YYJ Classic are both great budget throws :smiley:

I have the Alpha Crash on the list, although it is a great throw I love my Ann Whip more. I lost my blue one a couple of days ago and I ordered a pink one (and a one) today.
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Alpha Crash is the best budget plastic. It is on the same level as any other C3 throw, even the Berserker. (ok maybe not QUITE that good, but still it kicks ass) The only problem with it is that it can’t grind.

Alpha crash. Of the ones I own the surge takes it.

The ONE is great. Way better than the WHiP IMO. I voted for the Alpha Crash, it’s awesome. The Diffusion is very very good too, I would still have mine if it was smoother (I’ve heard they were hit or miss)

Awesome! Sounds like I have an awesome package to look forward to. The Alpha Crash is great, just not my favorite plastic, I will be playing my Alpha Crash until I get that wonderful package.

Am I the only one who thinks that the upgraded Classic is better than the Surge?

classic with a crucial groove and siliconed best yoyo to date

I asked a beginner, " you can try my throw if I try yours" and i tried his surge. I was totally underestimating it. I like my onestar better, but I feel like people looooooove the alpha…

Wish I could have chosen two :), I own the classic, surge, yeti, rally, one (gacek edition) and a few other plastics but my favorites are in this order classic/surge (tied), rally, yeti and last the one as I don’t like the one much at all.


I do NOT enjoy the ONE for unresponsive play. I think it’s a nifty little responsive yoyo, though.

I don’t think it’s better but I like them both equally but for different reasons they play very differently IMO and the rims and catch zone give each different reasons why I like and play them.

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Alpha Crash is an awesome plastic at an awesome price. I enjoy my AC more than my upgraded Classic. Why not wait a bit for C3 to release their next plastic? It’s completely made of plastic and costs less than a Surge.

Your list is incomplete. The YYJ Journey is my favorite.

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Oooh I have that!

I like my YYJ classic with a wide bearing. I like It better than my shaqulerstar but close behind that is my awesome PSG.

Classic is my favorite but those are all excellent yoyos.

The yoyojam XLR8. Hands down. I went to worlds and got 1. Amazing throw.