Low budget plastic yoyo

Hi I was wandering what are the bests low budget (30$ or less) plastic or plastic rimed yoyos. I saw the speedaholic, the protostar and others but I never tried one of them.


Here are your best options $30 and under:
Dark Sprite
Upgraded Classic
And there are probably a few others that I’m forgetting.

If you could spend $15 more dollars though I would get the Rally or Shutter. Even if you could spend $5 more your option would be better with the protostar.

Between a speedaholic and an alpha crash what would be the best one?

Alpha Crash by far.

AC is beast!

The speed is cheaper, made cheaper, plays cheaper.

The Alpha is solid, and a TAD heavy. Not light not heavy. In the middle.

Good spin times. Durable plastic.

I recommend it!

I gonna go with alpha crash!


Good choice.

Love the one I tried.

I heard that the Speedaholic blew the Alpha C out of the water… :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard it tilts, and has small spin time.

The alpha was amazing…

it does tend to tilt easily if you are at all sloppy but the spin time is ok

And the Alpha is very solid/stable.

And it weighs more for longer spin.

Alpha seems perfect for you…

Get dat upgraded classic yo

So you just gave a super strong recommendation for the Alpha Crash over the Speedaholic even though you’ve only played one of the two yoyos being compared…

I prefer an upgraded Classic (with C-size bearing and pads/silicone) to either of the C3 plastics.

From your post and requirements go with the C3 speedaholic you will stay way under budget and you’ll enjoy the heck out of it.

For what the Speedaholic is I think it’s an amazing throw. It’s all plastic with metal spacers and axle for $13.50. I prefer an Alpha Crash if I can correctly remember the play of it. The Speedaholic is a perfectly fine yoyo and so is an upgraded Classic. I just enjoy the shape of the Alpha Crash more, v shaped like the Berserker Rx (which I have and enjoy)

I currently own a classic, onestar, starlight, psg, asteroid and speedaholic. My brother owns a surge, and alpha crash. There’s plenty of others but I either don’t own them or don’t think I’ve thrown them enough to give an honest opinion. I used to think the alpha crash was the best plastic in the $20 and under range but I’ve actually been enjoying the organic shape of the speedaholic much more. That’s of course all preference but I think you’d enjoy a surge and speedaholic over 1 $30 plastic.

I already have a surge.

I believe that another choice would be a RecRev f(x), I enjoy it a lot more than the a-grade (yes I have both). The b-grade is very stable, and is in your budget, if they still are in stock at Billy Bobs.

The Surge is a great yoyo to throw around, and very stable. I would recommend getting a Whipple bearing and some Thin Kitty string with this also.

The Classic (upgraded) is a very fun throw. It glides along the string and has just as much spin time as the Surge. This is also very nice.

The Trigger is also an amazing throw, it outperforms all the yoyos above. It is just very LOUD

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

What would be the best choice between

Alpha crash
Classic upgraded (with groove bearing if they are in stock at rewind)

For a bind learner cause, I know it sounds weird but I’m teaching my father yoyo, and I wanted to give him a not to affordable plastic yoyo for Christmas. He will probably not buy a yoyo for himself because he can live without yoyoing (for the moment :slight_smile: ) so maybe the one of those two who will take him the farthest in therms of tricks difficulty. By the way, I’m in thaïland for Christmas that’s why I’m ordering at rewind.


I would go with the Classic, especially because it can be played responsive while still in the learning bind phase. I also lean towards a flat bearing in the Classic.