best plastic yoyo under 30 dollars

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YYJ Chaser, PSG, Asteroid, OneStar, Alpha Crash, Grind Machine, and Counter Attack.

True dat.

I haven’t tried every plastic ever made, but the Trigger plays most like a “metal” from the ones I’ve tried… stable as all heck. Loud, though.

Chaser plays in my opinion like a Chaser. It is a fantastic yoyo and doesn’t pretend to be a metal; it’s just a great plastic (with metal weight rings). It’s on the narrow side, but the profile still gives it a generous catch zone.

I doubt you could go wrong with either of those. I would pass on the Grind Machine (hated mine), and while I like the Lyn Fury, it’s a “fun” throw rather than a serious one. The YYJ Classic is a perfectly good yoyo, but if you have $30 to spend, the Chaser and Trigger beat it, IMO.

what your guys options on the alpha crash?

Don’t have one. I saw one person mention in another thread that they prefered the Trigger slightly. At a certain point, it’s all about preferences, of course.

Classic is a monster!


I like my recessed FHZ with large bearing and flowable :smiley:

The PSG is a disappointing throw. I’m sure it is “worth the money” (which is very little, indeed!) but it is outclassed in every way even by the Classic. Well, every way except maybe looks. PSG gem series are better looking than most Classics, IMO.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Yoyo Recreation Diffusion.

The alpha crash is great! You can read my review of it, I can’t post a link because I’m on my phone, but it is on this forum. I just tried it with a trifecta bearing; beautiful!

YYJ Trigger or a Classic with regular size bearing and response pads.

Alpha Crash, PSG, Classic(c bearing), Lyn Fury(siliconed), maybe Prelude?

The classic is a performer with the right accessories. I got mine during a sale with a free c bearing. I used one rubber o-ring and one silicone pad and I love it. The plastic grind machine is a good choice also. I highly recommend the Yoyojam legacy 2. I learned all my first string tricks on that yoyo and I loved it. Hope this helps!

I’ve liked the Henrys yoyos that I’ve tried, but currently my go to plastic is the WHiP. Love it!

PSG- one of my top contenders right now love mine!
Legacy 2
classic with new responses and bearings of course

Magic yoyos of any kind- really cheap metals that don’t play that bad

YYF whip nice little cheap throw