Recommend me a yoyo pls

I’m looking for a good and cheap yoyo about60-80SGD thanks

You’ll get more help if you use USD rather than SGD. People won’t want to have to change currency in order to help.

For the record, it’s about 50-65USD. I’d recommend the C3 Capless, YYF Severe, or CLYW Fool’s Gold Avalanche.


Save up two or three dollars and get an Hour.

get a god trick bount hunter,crucial ayce, c3 capless, c3 di base, yyj theory/inspire,

YYJ inspire, cheap on your budget smooth and nice for grinds.
Another option

C3 Di base an awesome metal throw as well as a great nice wide gap for horizontal.

Yomega glide I think is in your price
Range and I think you will like it it is a great throw!

New YYJ theory
Looks interesting saw them at VA states look really cool.

Fools gold avalanche!

Or grab a capless

Grab a dv888 just need five dollars more

Okay thanks guys