New Yoyo Suggestions?!?!

Hi there, my DM2 might be busted so I am going to consider getting a new yoyo. What should I get? I have already learned tricks like Kamikaze and Cold Fusion and am wanting an unresponsive yoyo. My budget is $50 and shipping in under 1 week. Please give me some suggestions

If you’re after something full sized at that price range, you’re pretty much limited to plastics. Not that this is a bad thing because there are some fantastic plastics to be had. For under $50, the first couple of quality throws that come to mind are the YYF Protostar ($35), YYF Northstar/Shaqlerstar ($35), YYF Severe ($45) and the YYJ Trigger (about $30). The prices are without shipping because, quite frankly, I’ve no idea how much shipping would be stateside.


I would have got the Di Base but didn’t care for the color options left. Still at 55$ it might be worth selling one of your little sister’s beanie babies to get the extra 5$ + s/h

i would say the magic yoyo shark honor $25. they’re gonna be selling it at the may 25 bac. i think.

Duncan Raptor
Duncan Echo

Trigger or werrd hour is only a little over but it’s great!

How bout a Zen I love my Zen 4 but i bet they are all good