Another noob desicion

hi guys.
I’ve been throwing for about a month, and seem to be doing pretty good. Have the rewind down pretty consistant, and what-not. I have a magic t5. I like the shape and size of it, but I would like to try something new and better. Seems to have vibe. ya get what ya pay for, I guess. I’m looking to spend about $50-70, maybe a lil more, not more than $100. maybe a little bigger doesn’t really matter. I have been looking at a few with more of a V-shape. how much different do they play than “butterflys”? I have kind of looking it to hub stacks too.

Also should i get a new bearing for my t5, as I don’t seem to get that much spin time out of the t5. Not sure if it’s the throw or the bearing.


I think that it might be your throw. No offense intended, but if you are new, that is a common problem. The t5 is a fine yoyo (so I have heard) but if you do not like yours (to each his own) the current industry staple for beginner to intermediate yoyoers is the dark magic 2 by yoyojam, or if you really are ok with 70 dollars, then the c3 capless is also well reviewed.

was looking at the capless as it’s had good reviews, just kind of ehh about the colors. i’m also kind of leaning towards the burnside or the 54 by OD. MAYBE the code 2. like the looks of the one drop line up.

If you can get a Code 2, get a Code 2.

If you can’t get a Capless… but get a Code 2 :wink:

Trying new things is good. It’s a nice aspect of this hobby, cuz it helps keep the drive. I love getting new throws.

T5 should do you good. I use mine daily, dead smooth even after dinging the heck out of it quiet a few times. Can’t get enough of it.

Try cleaning your bearing etc, I run mine bone dry and it’s dead smooth and quiet as a mouse. On a flick won’t spin forever… but it should spin for a few seconds. I think you should try and clean your bearing then see what that does for you…

If I may ask, does your T5 have stripes around the rim and “OveT5ord” in the hub, or does it have Magicyoyo 2011 on the catch zone and “Magic T5” on the hub? Also is it a Concave bearing with 8 balls?

Yeah code 2 is amazing, I just did not know that you wanted to spend that much.

stripes and overlord does it make a difference? it had a bit of vibe from day one. even if i try to smooth it out with mt finger it’s fine for a sec and then starts to tilt or spin.

Not sure if it makes a difference or not, I’m just asking around about them to get an idea…

If you have another broken in bearing, throw it in there and see if it makes a difference.

I don’t have another bearing, as I’ve only been throwing about a month. And it wouldn’t be to bad for the extra $25, I do have a job lol. Would just be an extra day I have to wait to order. So the OD code 2 then?

what about a good hubstack under $100? should i even be worried about that yet? the dv888 hubed looks good but IDK as i’m new.

If youre concerned with vibe then hubsyacks arent for you at all the more moving parts you have the more vibe thats just the way it works and honestly they arent that great they look heck fun (and they can be!) but for me after about 3 days with a stacked throw or hanging out with a friend enough who has a stacked throw =p they get old

^all my opinion except for the vibe part they DO add vibe

CLYW Fool’s Gold Avalanche. You’re getting a CLYW for about half price. Seriously. Get one.


Where can I find fool’s gold or factory 2nds?

Maybe a catalyst if you just want to spend 85 dollars.