Magic Yoyo T5 Overlord

Yeah, well not wanting to hijack other threads, I decided to write my own review for the T5. this is a replacement for a defective t5 i got last week, so now I can actually make a small review about it.

Material: Durable Aluminium Alloy
Weight: 70g
Diameter: 54.5mm
Width: 39.5mm
Gap width: 4.7mm (approx)
Response: Recessed Magic YoYo Silicone Pads diameter 20mm, width 2.7mm.
Bearing: Size C stainless steel 10-ball concave unshielded bearing.
Finish: Colour anodised and laser engraved.

Ok, so right off the bat we’re looking at a yoyo that’s like… 22$? I bought it for 14 UK pounds and I don’t feel like checking the conversion rate. Let’s call it 22 and if I’m wrong, so be it.
The yoyo comes into a skimmy ugly cardboard box that reminds me of all the toys I’ve never wanted as a kid. I don’t mind it at all, since a better package would have raised the price, yet I can’t help but feel the artwork could have been better. If you’re gonna print something on cheap cardboard, by all means, print something cool. It also comes with a string that I wouldn’t be caught removing a dangling tooth with. Once again, the price hits.On the back it says you can use this trick for “1A/3A/5A”. It seems 3A is where it would shine the most.
The shape is something I haven’t tried yet, and since I haven’t got many yoyos I can’t compare it to anything. I’ll let someone with more experience and/or more yoyos be the judge of that. At 54.5 mm, I wouldn’t call it undersized. Let’s call it “slightly undersized”. It says 70g but it feels lighter than a dv888. I didn’t find it really comfortable, but then again, I’m finishing my master’s in engineering school and I’ve always met the dads of my girlfriends, so this is by no means a peak in my uncomfortability.
The response is unlike the one on a N12. This one’s actually good. it looks like some silicone pads of sorts and it works perfectly. The bearing I bought it with is a concave 10ball magic drop bearing, which is smoother than my trifectas. I actually bought more for my other throws
The finish on it is awesome. Like, really. The anodizing on my red T5 is absolutely great, and it’s nice and shiny. The artwork is so simple it actually looks stylish. And the particular shade of red…Can’t wait to play this on a sunny day unless I ding it to death. Oh, wait, it costs less than a lot of plastics, so i can buy more. LE: Also, the ano is really resistant. i just hit my bathroom door and the yoyo doesn’t have a scratch, after wiping the paint from the door. I’m laughing like crazy while yelling “I’m gonna buy more!” at 12:53 AM.
The bearing seat isn’t tight. I wish it was tight. There’s very loose, loose, normal, tight, very tight, incredibly tight, impossibly tight, and then there’s the t5 bearing seat. At first i thought it was a defect of the broken t5 (seems it was something else that was causing wobble), but no. This baby holds on to its bearings like a fat chick to her hamburgers. As i’m typing, my yyf multitool is sitting in there after my hands went numb with trying to remove it. Whomever manages to pull it out should be the next king of England ( When I’ll eventually have to clean the bearing, I’m gonna buy another one. For the price, it seems to be the easier alternative.
This thing plays beautifully. Really. It’s so smooth I’ve seen butter with more vibe. It somewhat reminds me of a supernova. I’m not a particulary good player (or a medium player. or below medium player. Damnit, one time i’ve tried a skin the gerbil and found myself tied to a tree with my pants down.), but for my specific needs, this yoyo is pure awesomeness. I couldn’t find anything it couldn’t handle, except my horrific throw. That would make even a Ti5 cringe. It’s not good for grinds, with that shiny finish, and I don’t even know what horizontal should look like, let alone how it should play.

My final verdict for this beauty is a 9.5/10 because of the bearing seat. Everything else is awesome about it. For the price, I can’t find a better alternative.


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Good idea on making a new thread :wink:

$22 is a reasonable price, but if you look hard enough you can find it for $13. I think the prices are on the rise though, seeing as lots of people are buying these things.

Sorry to hear about your bearing seat. Mine is loose. Like loose as in I have to carefully screw the yoyo together so the bearing doesn’t fall out or the string slide under the bearing.

Interesting. At least it’s smooth.

I suppose when the time comes, just take some pliers and wiggle the bearing back and forth. I think I read wrapping a rubber band or paper towel around it helps protect the bearing. But if worse comes to worst, just destroy it and pull it out.

i was just trying to adjust while erring on the “wrong” side. I could find it for 13$ as well, but I’d pay a small fortune in shipping. So i just bought it for 14 pounds, which translates into


The shipping right now is high because the Chinese are celebrating the Chinese New Year for like a week. Thus they increase their shipping costs by a ton to deter people from ordering. Infact they won’t even process orders for a couple days from now.

The shipping from China to US is typically free. hehe. But right now, some of them say $100 etc. haha

I do not live in the U.S., so anything outside of Europe is painfully expensive

I wondered what was going on.

yeah, should end in a couple days. my main store took their stuff down till the 15th.

Lol, this is what they have to say about it:

“If you mind ,pls do not order, thanks for your understanding and your patience is much appreciated.”

You have the 2011 version correct? Mine also has an extremely tight bearing seat.

yeah I got the 2011 version. Which is yours?

2012 to my understanding. There’s no engraving that says it is 2011.

Well, it’s all up in the air now.

Someone needs to e-mail Magic yoyo and ask them.

Look at the last few editions! Those seem to be the latest and i suspect the ones above are also newer - i.e. the ones that say overlord on the side are the 3rd edition and not 2nd.

for those that are interested…

Wow those Spin gear editions look really nice, would look good with my shark and n11 since it has the same kind of pattern to it.

Hey, about your bearing seat, drop the yoyo half with the stuck bearing in a freezer for a couple of hours. it will be a bit easier to come out.

tried that, too, forgot to mention it. Didn’t really work. What did finally work was wedging it from the side on the width of a yyf tool. still, it’s not cool to come like this stock.

By the way these are the actual specs of the T5 and it is not 70g haha :smiley:
Weight (g) 67.80
Diameter (mm) 54.00
Width (mm) 40.00
Gap Width (mm) 4.72

Got this from the official magic yoyo site:

The T5 was the first MYY I owned, and I was very happy to see that it met the expectations I had for it based on others’ comments.


Got mines today and I love it.