Magic T-5 from China

I have been itching to try one of these after spotting them for the last year or so on ebay. I finally bit the bullet and took a chance.

Magic T-5

Weight: 67.4g
Width: 39.5
Dia: 54.5
Gap: 4.6
Bearing: C size concave, no shields, lubed.
Response: silicone

I bought this for $13, free shipping out of China. It arrived in about a week. That was really fast considering it shipped “regular mail” from China. I am sure that shipping time may vary from vendor to vendor. The package was neat and attractive with the usual Asian funny grammar interpretations of English phrases. The T-5 yoyo Ano is smoother than silk and the T-5 is slightly larger than my Yukki. It has a nice feel, not cheap and cheesy. The ano and laser graphics are flawless. So far it has a great feel. I disregarded the free string that came with the yoyo and grabbed my favorite string of choice: Neon yellow slick-6. On first throw the bearing was very responsive and I immediately disassembled the new throw and cleaned the (8 ball) bearing and applied a scant ½ drop of thin-lube. On second throw I could tell a few things, the bearing is pretty darn good, it needs a little break in but it has a really nice feel and the T-5 does not have even the faintest hint of vibe :slight_smile: . I threw a few matrixes and found the yoyo to be very stabile. It was quick and agile and on a bind it was a bit grabby, I suspect the silicone pads need some break-in as well. Spin time was nice and long although it can be argued that skill and technique has a lot to do with that.

I own several throws $70-$150 and I think the T-5 was $13 well spent. I feel the Magic T5 “Overlord” is comparable to throws priced at 70 bucks or more and I wouldnt hesitate to buy another.—> I give 2 thumbs up!

Cons: The recess is flat and does not make for good thumb grinds.

Sorry for the fuzzy pix, thats the best my icrap can do.

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The pads that come stock on the magics are a bit weird, kind of gummy. My T9’s pads were not fully adhered causing some weirdness when sleeping. I quickly replaced them and runs great. The stock string is just…weird.

How do they compare to the YYR Sleipnir?

I bid on two T 6 magic yo and won them both for under 10 bucks each shipped.
Took a month to get them but they are amaizing. I have plenty of fine yoyos costing over 100 bucks that arn’t any better.
Bearings fit perfect, fit and finish is great, perfect thumb grind rim.
Makes you think?
Costs less then the U-groove (KK) bearing it comes with…

How about the T-10’s? I like the Z-Stacks

Ive had a t10 dark angel and a N9, I was a bit dissapointed by the t 10 but the N9 was amazing. The best out of the whole series of Magic Yoyo, and in my opinion 10x better than overlord t5, so give it a shot! they are on ebay i think… Thats where i got mine for 23 bucks :smiley:

If you do not have a t-5 then how are you determining that the N9 is 10 times better? ???

Well, one thing I DO know is that it LOOKs 10x betterv :stuck_out_tongue:

Bikers have a saying: “Chrome dont get ya home”

N5 is the best of them all.

is there like an official website to buy these off? or a reliable ebay account?

All the dudes on ebay (Stores) are reliable.

I have a quick question about these Magic yoyos, (srry dont mean to threadjack!) Would these be OK as a first metal for a intermediate player? I have played a bunch on a friends Metal Drifter and dont really like it, the look, the bearing, or the response system.

Would a T-5 or N-9 be a step up from the Drifter as far as finish, play, and response go?

Yes metal drifter is by far the worst yoyo ever…

N 9 is the. Best period…

Cause my friend got the overlord and Idk compared to my n9 it was a bit less stable but otherwise a good but for a Chinese yoyo

lol @ this!

I love my T9, far better than I expected :slight_smile: The shape feels just right, quite stable even though it doesn’t have the thickest rims, has decent IRG, seems pretty unique to me and the flat rims make snap starts a breeze.