Magic Yoyo T5 or a Duncan Metal Zero

I’m super cut upon this, I don’t know which one I want the most :frowning:

T5 is better, but I do not suggest it, considering it is made in china and a knock off brand/yoyo.

Magic yoyo is not a knockoff just because it uses the kk and hubstacks. Many of there designs are original and magic yoyo is really stepping up as a legitimate yoyo brand!

But if you dont want to buy a “knock off” yoyo (the T5 is probably the best under $30 metal ive ever played) then i wouldnt even CONSIDER the metal zero. If your price point is $20-$30, id go with the c3yoyodesigns ALPHA CRASH or yoyofactorys ONEstar.

Pretty sure duncans are made in China…

I would definitely say go with the T5. It’s an amazing yoyo especially for the price.


Get a N12. It’s about $1-2 more expensive but it’s the best yoyo you can buy for this price, hands down. It plays circles around yoyo’s 7-10x it’s price. I got a “Dark Blue” one… and boy does it look -amazing-, it’s the one in the middle. The color is actually like a deep teal, reminds me of the deep ocean kind of… looks really sweet with the Shark engraving. I love this thing man. Definitely one-upped the T5 in terms of value. I mean, just look at the specs and pics…

Weight (g) 67.58
Diameter (mm) 55.00
Width (mm) 44.00

With a String Centering (Concave) 10 ball bearing. :o <-- This alone justifies the $14 lol…

Seriously doe, this thing is a DEAL. Best value ever.