Magic yoyo? Are they worth it?

I’ve been kinda looking at them and they seem nice except the response but there’s always glow able silicone and I was just wondering if the price reflected their quality.

They are very much well worth their price and beyond.

I can honestly say that they make some of the nicest yoyo’s I have thrown, and that’s speaking from someone who has tried countless numbers of the highest quality metals for years.

They are very nice players, and more than worth it.



Sweet ill have to try one out can any one recommend a certain model?

Very hard to beat a T5. I liked the N9, too; only tried it with the stacks installed, but apparently it’s a great player regardless (people tend to remove them to get rid of noise and vibe). With the stacks, it was indeed a great player.

Neither have surfaces that are great for grinds.

I think their “top dog” right now is the N12. Haven’t tried one.

awesome thanks! i think ill try the t5 it looks a bit more stable imo ;D

He’s right, the #1 is n12 shark honor, its really good. I hear n5 (really wide) is also good. I said that if you like really wide yoyos like the monster or whatever its called. I dont know about the t5 though…

I have the n12 and also the difficult to find purple line. I would say the purple line is right up there with the n12. Both amazing yoyos, but it comes down to size preference (the n12 is heavier and plays quicker/with less float and is very very solid and stable, but the larger diameter purple line is even more stable and just never ever seems to tilt).

They are both my top yoyos (I haven’t tried any other top end apart from the JP Irony, which I own, but feel is not as good as these two MagicYoyos). That’s just my opinion. I’m not a brilliant player, so maybe the intricacies and benefits of the expensive top ends may be lost on me anyway…

the T9 was a Super Tiny, Super Floaty, and Super long spinning for tight tech tricks

Well worth 20 dollars

Not that I think these are good, but…