Duncan Deluxxe VS YYF Premium

I’ve been debating between the full-sized metal throws from both Ducan and Yoyofactory; the Duncan Deluxxe set (Echo, Metropolis, Raptor) and the YYF Premium/FundaMETAL set (Catalyst, Supernova, Genesis, etc.).

The major difference to me is the price range; full-sized YYF metal throws are around the $85 mark, while the three Duncan throws are around the $45-50 mark. Are Duncan throws still comparable to YYF throws, even with the huge price gap?

I’ve also noticed that the shapes of YYF yoyos are relatively more fit for modern style play and look more comfortable to hold. Does this, as well as any other factors, make YYF throws worth the price compared to Duncan?

If you have any other opinions as well, they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :smiley:

It’s preference, you will get answers both ways. I like YYF metals a little more than Duncan. That’s an opinion. Reasoning is personal comfort. Try them and make a decision if you can. Good luck.

Yea that’s a question with no definitive answer. I like Duncan and I like YYF. Honestly they are all great yoyos. Just choose what fits you the best stat and price wise. I recently got and personally love the Duncan Raptor because of its organic shape, size, feel and weight. The stats were what I wanted in a yoyo and when I got it, it “fit” me like a glove. The metropolis and Echo both appeal to me as well so I will get both of them eventually.

Ive always been a Duncan fan since back in the day but YYF yoyos have been great to me also.

Like I said no definitive answer…

It’s all preference.
Just FYI: the Echo feels smaller than it really is, and feels a lot more like a high end throw than the Raptor. If you just looking to save a buck, you can’t go wrong with it.

With that being said, I do like my Avant Garde a lot more. It may just be in my head, but I feel that the extra money is worth it. But I would not hesitate to recommend the Echo. I still like it a lot.

My favorite throw is an Exit 8. I like it more than my Avant Garde. I think it performs better, feels better, does everything better. It is cheaper than the Avant Garde. I still think the Avant Garde is worth the extra money even though I think it is slightly inferior, but I will not buy a Positron, even if I like it better than the Exit 8. It is just too expensive. There may be no logic to it, because there isn’t. You just have to decide what a yoyo is worth to you.

The following post is in my opinion:

The Duncan Deluxxe line can compare to the YYF FundaMETAL line, it’s all preference. However, the Duncan Deluxxe can NOT really compare well with YYF Premium models.

Duncan’s Screaming Eagle line can compare to the YYF Premium line pretty well.

agree 110%