What yoyos do and dont fit your style of yoyoing?

Hey yoyoexpert forum members!
I was wondering which yoyos do and don’t fit your style of yoyoing?

I like the horizon, great for horizontal and speedy tricks because of the low wall and somewhat floaty feel. The DMII doesn’t fit my horizontal, because it is high walled and any little off-hit will kill the spin and the tilt.

My tricks depend on the yoyo, I choose the yoyo first then choose the tricks that can be done with it. If it’s has grindable finish, I can do grind tricks, if it’s a lightweight fixed axle I might do stalls, if it’s a heavy fixie I’ll probably do semi long combos, if it’s a classic responsive then loops, etc.

So if you ask which yoyo doesn’t suit my style, well there is none. My “style” or whatever you may call it, adapts to the yoyo, not the other way around.

I would say that the Gelada 2 fits my style pretty well. It has a great organic-v shape and it feels comfortable in my hand. It has a little bit of a floaty feel, but remains super stable with really long spin times. Plus, the speed is just perfect. Not too fast and not too slow :smiley:

As for yoyos that don’t fit my style, I don’t really think I have found a yoyo that doesn’t fit my style yet. I think I need to try out so more yoyos to find out.

Yoyofactory Cyborg 2.0 fits my style.

Interesting question. There are definitely characteristics within a yoyo that I lean towards and others that I find offputting. I think that’s natural, otherwise there’d be no real need for players to have signature yoyos. ;D

I’d say that anything with a narrow gap or overly grippy response doesn’t tend to agree with me, since I normally have a fair amount of string segments in the gap.

C3 Krown (first run)
3yo3 Bassline 2
Yoyojam Surge

…are the first ones that come to mind in that aspect. :-X

I’m a sucker for a more comfortable shape. Sharp angles are all well and good but I like to do regens and fancy binds/stalls fairly regularly, so having an yoyo with blade-like edges makes for a scary and potentially painful session.

Comfy yoyos that come to mind would be:

OD Markmont.Classic
YYF Cyborg
CLYW Chief
ODxToxic T1

I like grinds as well, so ideally I like my yoyos blasted.

Also, whilst I’m not an overly fast yoyoer, I like to have a reasonable amount of speed to a yoyo. Whilst throwing something really slow and/or chilled out (Downbeat, Cliff) is great fun, and throwing something solid and stable is great when it comes to inventing/experimenting (CLYW Sasquatch, YYF Proton), if it came to filming a video or competing I’d definitely reach for something that could hold a bit more pace. :slight_smile:

The Markmont.Classic is my favourite metal yoyo because it fits my desired criteria the best, and it just feels the most natural to my style when I throw it out of any yoyo I’ve played thus-far. :slight_smile:

“So why is your all time favourite yoyo the Rally then?” … because it’s so darn fun, that’s why. Granted, it doesn’t grind as well, nor is it as comfortable as the MMC, but there’s just something about that plastic that just feels so right. Plus it looks sleek as heck. :smiley:

So far in my relatively short yo-yo journey I have found the O-type throws fit my casual style so far, with my Downbeat being the top throw for me in that regard. My new Armament is opening my eyes to the V-types as well and I might be sticking with them for awhile. Both of those throws feel great in my hand and just “work” for some reason.

On the other hand, my Space Cowboy, despite being an amazing yo-yo doesn’t really work for me and I can’t get into it. I really should get around to listing it for sale since it is pretty much brand new and someone else could put it to good use.

Well, looping yoyos don’t fit my style and neither do offstring.

Well, the fruiture fits my style perfectly, the shape is perfect and the feel is nice. The weight distribution is nice and you can go fast and slow no matter which style for me. It’s a perfect yoyo in my opinion. The irony jpx as well.

I feel like the spacecowboy is a good yoyo and the bonfire too but they get tiring after a while and they are too light for me. The v/h shapes on these yoyos don’t really go well with my style.


I find that most 1A yoyos that are round fit my style.

I’m really into natural shapes or yoyos with steps. Grippy binds and a larger diameter are always my preference as well. I’m not too into V’s, just because they seem to play so fast and light. I like a little heft that I can use to flow around the string and feel like there’s an equal amount of control between where I want to take the yoyo and where the yoyo wants to go itself.

So far my pretty much favorite yoyo is the 86400. Although it’s closer to a V than most of mine, it handles everything I throw at it really well and offers a great spin time. I frequently regen and it never seems to go wrong on them, and it can take wraps and wraps without losing much speed. It’s on the larger side, you can feel the weight in your hand and on the end of the string, but it still has an element of calmness to it that I can’t really describe.

Very solid yoyo. Just beautiful too. The engravings, shape, and red with yellow splash that I have combine for a great looking yoyo.

I have yet to find a throw that doesn’t fit my style.

I have a very “flexible” style, so a lot of yoyos compliment my style of yoyoing. I tend to do a lot of slack, tech, and long combo’s, so almost any 1a yoyo that I tried went well with that. My style is mostly 1a and 5a.

A few yoyo’s that really compliment my way of yo-yoing are:
Sleipnir, FG Dazzler, Toohot, Draupnir, Dream ti, Markmont Classic, sputnik

I tend to like v or h shapes, but I found that organic v shapes fit my style more. It’s just a way that these specific yoyo’s lend my more comfort and control over my tricks and combo’s.

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Valor is my type of yoyo. Stable, perfect amount of speed and just rocks.

im the same as grandmaster for 1a.

for 3a, i use horizons, but recently i got a pair of magicyo t5’s from a freind. generally anything with a LOT of spin iz gud tho.

for 4a, i use the flight and only the flight untill i get a japan tech another eagle (jeon ji hwan makes them look so darn good!)

for double dragon, anything that isnt undersized and has a wide gap width/not too snaggy