Favorite Yoyo and Why?

There was already a thread for this but I wanted a little more information. I plan to use these answers to help me design better yoyos in CAD.

What is your favorite yo-yo? Why do you like it? What is something you would improve about that yoyo? Feel free to say anything else about the yo-yo too!

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Hydrogen Crash because it is smooth, Not snaggy and so powerful for competitions. Ive been creating my freestyle with it so i will compete at Nats and Worlds with it. But my favorite yoyo might change becaause in less than two weeks im going for my B-day to yoyoexpert to look at yoyos and buy some.


Ah, gotcha. Purely out of performance, my favorite has to be the Atmos Ari. If that thing had a little more rim weight, a slightly more w shape, I’d still have one. I’d still have one actually if Christmas wasn’t so expensive, but you get my meaning there.

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One of my current favorites is the CLYW Klondike. Super stable and powerful, great ano job, not much I don’t like about it. Also loving my DD Assassin v2: undersized stainless monster.

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I have three favorite yoyos. they are very cheap and easy to get in case you want to feel how it plays.
3. Magic yoyo N11. It;s very rim weighted, can play fast and tech, also Has That Organic shape that is very comfy. And it has a thumb grind lip for thumb grinds
2. magic yoyo k7. Fun yoyo responsive and un responsive as well with the hubstacks. The hubstacks make it heavy, while without them you can play faster. It has a h shaped profile which I like for 5a play.
1 Magic yoyo t5. V shape, 70 grams and plays fast and slow. Very easy to do flops with and has the perfect width for me, about 40 mm and sleeps very long.


Any other favorites anyone?

Hades is my favorite Yoyo. It has a perfect width for me, 44.67. The diameter, 59.9, is large and I love how the sizes makes it look when doing tricks and that the larger diameter helps with power and spin time. It also fits my big palms well. The shape is perfect with the rounded out to rims bc it’s so comfortable and easy to catch. It’s super heavy, 80g, and I love how the weight feels. It’s easy for me to control. I can’t really play faster with lighter yo-yos so it’s not like it’s slow or anything. More like I haven’t worked the same combos enough to get them super fast. When I do work on speed, it’s easier for me to control bc of how present it feels on the string. The glossy body is beautiful and looks great when I play with it. They do make a version with blasted rims and I might like that more than glossy rims but I’m not sure. Also it’s a bimetal but the walls are thicker so it doesn’t have an insane rim weighty sensation. Hades is a heavy Yoyo that feels lighter than the weight, whereas most yo-yos are lighter with near min/maxed rim weight so they feel heavier than their weight. It’s just a great Yoyo and I love the way it feels to play with. I like lots and lots of other yo-yos also but Hades is my favorite.


Why does everyone like organic yo-yos? I don’t own any so I was wondering.

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Organic to me are the most comfy, the most fun on the string and most importantly the best feeling. There’s absolutely no other feeling in yo-yo that comes close to the indescribable feeling u get when throwing a high walled organic when it’s rolling down the string out of ur palm. This feeling feels so good on certain yo-yo that I will literally just get stuck throwing sleepers on repeat like a fidget toy just enjoying that feeling. If u somehow aren’t familiar with what I’m describing. Some of the best yo-yos I’ve personally thrown that excel in. This regard are parlay, hatrick 2, fallen angel, panorama/diorama, slim rebound, gorge, cenote, and no other yo-yo has come close the end pt 2. This is a fraction of the full list but u get it.


YYF Czech Point Pivot. It was the first yoyo I bought when I got back into yoyo after 12 years. But nostalgia isn’t why I like it.

I’ve now tried 11 bimetals, and this $55 monometal has held its own against every single one. The only ones I feel come close overall are the Edge 2022 (this will probably beat it out in time - saving it to reward myself after completing a trick list) and the Batsquatch. That’s not to say there weren’t others I thought were good or enjoyable. But, from an objective performance standpoint, I can’t say they were better (I’ve actually been disappointed in a number of bimetals because they didn’t play as well as this thing). There have even been yoyos I wanted to like more than it, but at the end of the day it just feels like “home.”

It’s probably the most powerful yoyo I’ve thrown. The Hybrid Fulvia (og) and Motion Centrifugal come pretty close, though. It’s extremely long-spinning in play, which makes it so forgiving on long combos.

As far as speed & control, this thing is a joy to play. Instead of feeling like I’m playing with two SS rings that lag behind what I want it to do (cough outer-rim bimetals cough), this feels like moving one solid yoyo. It doesn’t have any of that rim-weighted inertia slowing it down, so you get all that speed from the start. At the same time, it doesn’t feel like it’s “getting away from you.” It may not move like the flyweights (Tachyon, Spright, etc.) or even an Outlier 3, but it’s no slouch.

Stability is good - several bimetals & hybrids have bested it in this category, but it’s still plenty stable (I used it as a noob and have had no problem there). Not sure if I’ve tried any monos that are better, but OD Reboot & Rebirth are pretty stable as well. In casual play, it’s kind of nice for it not to feel so immovable sometimes, but again, no issue that would make me hesitant to compete with it (if I ever practiced enough to think about that).

Despite being a hard W, it’s actually quite comfortable as well.

So why is it my favorite? A combination of performance with how natural/comfortable it feels to me and the price point.

I could go on, but overall I think it’s quite underrated. It probably gets dismissed as a “finger spin yoyo,” but the Pivot cup is probably the thing I care least about. It’s not bad in any way - it will most certainly extend your finger spin times. It feels pretty solid/not vibey too, being injection molded onto the yoyo.

You asked what I would change. Two things:

  1. Erase the delrin cup.
    It’s great, but I prefer the feeling of metal. The OG BettyNova is probably the closest I’ll get to that, though.
    – it doesn’t rattle, but it’s probably holding it back from being glass smooth (both CPPs I’ve owned had nail vibe). It would also make thumb grinds possible and therefore this yoyo literally capable of any trick/combo.
    – side effects to replace it would be interesting
  2. Alter the gap area
    This would go changing the feel & play of the yoyo too much again, but it’d be awesome if the gap was more accessible to make axel knots easier to untangle by hand w/o unscrewing the yoyo. A small response bump or making a slight “U” shape toward the center could likely accomplish this.

Honorable Mentions
1A: Edge 2022, Hybrid Fulvia, Batsquatch
5A: Monarch (favorite for 5A)


My favorite yo-yo is the one I like the most…

And that is why I like it so much… because it is my favorite.


Have to say that at this point is so hard to have a favourite yoyo, brands are pushing a lot of amazing products and it happen that I find yoyos that have similarities that I like a lot, recently I got an Atmos - Ekta which for me is a 10/10, that yoyo is just absolutely stunning in every way but so it is the Seiji from Unprld which is an amazing yoyo in the same way, the products are a bit different but both are killer yoyos really able to get all the stressful tricks you want, I can add on the list the SU1 by Unprld which is a tank and is amazing for tech, or the Libero from Zgrt that I use in all my videos, nimble, able to catch all the slacks you want and easy to manouvre.

I can add to the list so many more yoyos which are all my favourite yoyos, I would love to try the Wilder and some other stuff from W1ld, I am sure that those yoyos are killer.

Around there is so much great stuff that nowadays is impossible to have a favourite for me :slight_smile:


My favorite yo-yo is the Outlier + simply because I only have 3 yo-yos and that one is the most stable for horizontal.

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I have heard that V-Shapes are fast while H-Shapes are powerful and that W-Shapes combine all these aspects. In everyone’s experience is this true? If so, is it the same for Bimetals?

No these categorizations are incredibly oversimplified. Way way more to Yoyo design than that.

Bimetals are typically very rim weighted so spin long and are stable but maybe more reluctant to move around. This is also incredibly oversimplified but I figured I would try to give a generalized statement.

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Everything has a trade off


I would agree with this. Obviously there are other factors and not all shapes fit neatly into these boxes but this broadly lines up with my experience of a large number of very different yo-yos.


many of us care far little about spintime power or stability

those traits are often value for high level competition and beginners

many of us just want some yoyo that are fun in spirit

highwall 07 888 is this


I like the way an organic grinds on my hand, and the comfy feel of the return to my hand. I’m sure their is nostalgic reasons and ashestetic (no clue on spelling) but they take a backseat to the initial reasons.


I generally love flat rims, a fair amount of rim weight and smaller bearings.

I feel like the modern design for performance has been exhausted, as well as organics.
So I think the industry is crying out for some more original stuff again at the moment.

I tend to love anything that sits on the fringe of mainstream.
And I’d love to see expansion on some community favourites.

Like a bimetal take on a Kuntosh, an a bearing unresponsive take on draupnir.

A wider d bearing 888.