Favorite Yoyo and Why?

One of my favorites is the unparralelled corruption. Its is a really fun yoyo that is sort of disguised as a competitive one. Its stable, fast and easy to manuever. Has a very unique feeling during play IMO. I like how the weight is visibly not concentrated anywhere in particular on this yoyo - this makes the yoyo play the way it does, but also makes it very simple in the looks department. Less is more sometimes.


I absolutely love my wooly marmot, it’s a small and cozy design that I can slip into my pocket whenever I want to go out on a yo-yo adventure. It does have a few play issues that could be tweaked (possibly some more rim weight to reduce tilt due to the smaller diameter or a shmoove groove to minimize string friction).
It’s not really designed for performance or anything, which is fine by me, sometimes I need a yo-yo that I play just to goof around with, my GTR-JS and Klondike can take care of all of the hard stuff.
Other than that it is an absolute blast to throw, and I hope they run more of them (possibly in 7075 someday)