What clyw should I get for competitions???


Ok. I know that it should depend on my preferences and all that but I’m just looking for advice. Just tell me what yoyos from clyw you prefer for contests.
Thanks, Thomas.


I prefer the chief. It is smooth, strong spin, and very stable. Which is perfect for competition

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Chief for sure. Most versatile yoyo out there.


Sounds great. Any others? I gots me some small hands.


I really prefer the Arctic Circle. It’s got a nice shape, stable, and kinda fast. I tried a Chief out and would say I probably prefer the Arctic Circle over it. The Chief is a little bigger then the AC, and you can definitely feel it.

If you want something even smaller, go for the Gnarwhal. It’s a smaller than the Arctic, and one heck of a player.


Thanks man can you tell me more about the gnarwhal.

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I personally wouldn’t use a CLYW for competition (Except maybe an Avalanche). I would want something nice and solid.


I don’t compete.

If I did, I would probably go:


In that order.

I like the Puffin, but I personally wouldn’t compete with it as I would want something bigger.

I’d go for the gnarwal as it seems to be my go-to, but it’s too small for me to want to compete with.

Again, I don’t complete. I never have, I never will.


I traded mine a while ago (and regret it), but from what I remember it is very stable for it’s size. It’s not too fast (not that that is a bad thing), but you can push it. I also really enjoy its shape. Very nice for most tricks. I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best “competition” throws you can get on the smaller end.

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Yeti seems like it will be good for competing. Cheap so you can afford to buy a comp set.Plays very well(from what I’ve heard) To get a set of CLYW throws for competition it’ll cost you close to $300. A set of Yeti’s will cost you $90 plus shipping.


Would you recommend the Wrath over the Pride?


El Jefe, aka the Chief.


I’d use the BvM2 if you like the safe, solid feel on stage. I haven’t competed yet, but I’d either use that or the Summit.

As long as you like the yoyo, you can compete with it. You can compete with whatever you want. Maybe you won’t do very well, but you can use whatever you’re comfortable with. I would personally use the Summit for competition, but I’ve heard excellent thugs about the AC for fast tech an 3d and the Chief for everything else. I need to try both :).

Use what fits your style and you’re comfortable with. Simple as that. The. It comes down to which CLYW looks like the most fun/style fitting for you :).


Thanks to all of you guys!!! I really appreciate all of the input. I’m pretty much down to a gnarwhal and an AC because they are readily available. I have a summit but I just don’t like it for some reason. I mean, it’s a great throw and all but it just doesn’t live up to all the hype in my opinion. To be honest my fav throw is my puffin. Even if it does have a few marks.
Thanks, Thomas.


Then go with the Puffin. Ain’t nothing wrong with that item.

Regardless, since we’re talking competition, that means multiples. Your costs are gonna jump up fast.

I would recommend whatever you’re thinking of, try them out a lot. Try other stuff too. Don’t be brand specific at this point. Find what works best for you, then get 4 of them.


Another thing. How many do I need for competitions and why?
Thanks, Thomas.


I’m using my arctic circle for competition.
I work best with it.
Different strokes, I guess.


If you get a knot you will need to switch out fast… Some ppl want the same yoyo to switch too. Others use different yoyo’s… It is preference

I have always just gone up with one yoyo and no back up… It is weird but it calms me down a bit. Plus I do not take it serious so that helps some…


You can compete with a Puffin. I’m quite certain that’s what Palli uses! :wink:

Between the other two, I would say go with the AC. The Gnarwhal is a fun throw, but I don’t see it being great shakes for competition. It’s kinda small, kinda lacking in stability, kinda mediocre in spin time… I’m not a huge fan overall, but I would be especially hesitant if it’s something you want to use for competition. As far as I know (which isn’t much) the Gnarwhal was always meant just as a fun throw, which it is.