Clyw yoyos

So I want to buy a new Clyw and I can’t decide what to get. I’m leaning towards: chief 66 or 65, Avalanche.
What do you think is the best for competitive play and please say in what way (speed, stability etc…)

Neither. Honestly, if you want a competitive yoyo, I don’t hear CLYW name thrown around a lot when I hear competition. CYLW I think are more of a desirable, trading yoyo. I’ve never thrown one, so take my words as you will, but you could probably find a better suited competitive throw for cheaper.


Neither of the throws you listed are optimized for competition.
I would recommend the Puffin 2 or the Advance Scout.
Puffin 2 as far as i know is sold out here. The Advance Scout is for sale on the CLYW site.

Honestly, I don’t like to get drawn into these “which is the best for competition” debates, but if YOU are of competition caliber, then either would work for you. To answer your question, an OG Ava would probably be your best bet out of the two.

Jensen won worlds with a northstar. Severence killed with a FHZ.

Clyw isn’t really a competition focused yoyo, although their players won quite a few comps.
In my opinion the best all around “competition” yoyo for clyw, is probs the Cheif, Sasquatch, Bear vs Man, Gnarwhal 2, Puffin 2, Advance Scout, Orca, Arctic Circle, Bonfire, Wooly Marmot, to name a few.

It all depends on your style, man.