Which General-yo is ment for me?


So I just had a comp m10 in my possession and I rely enjoyed it. I not so much of a A fan for “float” and slow play, but I would have to say that the float was so predictable and had so much control that it was amazing.

What got my attention first was the satin finish, so smooth and gently with all the benefits of a grinding surface. It’s most defiantly in my top 5 blasted finishes.

The spin was smooth and graceful. Not like glass but just pleasing to feel as it slept on the string.

The only thing I would change would be he speed. It was a little to slow for my liking. If only it was a little more faster and less of a drag feel to it then I would have never sold it.

So what I’m looking for now is for a model that’s just like the m10 but a little faster, preferable one that had a few comp grades in its run.

I’m for sure going to buy another m10 in the future with a ministar.


Their 2 new ones, Prestige and Amplitude.


Yes, I’ve seen them as soon as they came out, how do they compare to the M10.


Out of all my Gen Yos my Majesty is the absolute smoothest followed by M10 (the ‘floatiest’) and then jointly, the Amplitude (fastest) and Prestige (which I think of as being somewhere in between a Maj and M10, though more towards the Maj than M10).

I find rejection and string catching tricks more difficult on the M10 though (only speaking relative to the other Gen Yos I have!). I still have enjoyed the M10 the most despite this. Recently though, I have found the Amplitude (with a concave bearing) to be fantastic fun because it is the fastest out of all the throws and I am finding myself more and more drawn to it.

You won’t be disappointed with any of them to be honest. If I had to only keep one I would be unable to pick just one.

If you have an M10, I’d say go for an Amplitude as it is very different (even the finish).

These days, I think the top end throws are very similar performance wise and hence, it’s nicer to have more different playing top end throws, rather than similar ones.


Ok, the Prestige and Amplitude sounds good to me, I just wish they had more of a organic or m10 shape instead of the straight shape. I collect YYR and already have to many straight cut throws :P. Nothing wrong with the ship, just want different shapes here and there.

Well, thanks guys. I’ll use info when picking out my next Gen-yo.


I would say the amplitude for you :slight_smile:

If you found the m10 floaty then for. sure u would find the majesty and prestige even more floaty, atleast i did.

haven’t played any general yos besides m10 majesty and prestige i have heard Alot about the amplitude and from the reviews it seems like a speed demon tgats on the smaller side of the “comp specs” but still a comp yoyo.

I would also suggest a klr , those big rims look like it would be more solid and less floaty than the m10, heard nothing but great things about the klr aswell

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Amplitude’s fastest. Prestige is also up there, but it’s heavier.