What General Yo do you have and want?

This thread will be for people to share what General Yo throws they have, and which ones they want. I feel like I’m always hearing people looking for General Yo. I’m not sure if this is the right section, because it’s partial show off and partial looking for (BST). So, just post here. This will help people find the General Yo’s they are looking for. You can post to tell what you have, but be prepared for potential offers on your throws. I hope people find what they’re looking for, because I know these aren’t easy to find! I’ll start:

I have:

  1. Bada$$ Hatrick
  2. Prestige
  3. USA Hatrick

Mmmm Hatrick. I’d love me a Hatrick. Now if only I had money…

I have:

  • Light/Dark Blue Prestige
  • Aman Majesty.

I’m actually looking to get rid of the Prestige, but the only General-Yo i’m interested in would be a Model 10, but either a Blue/White one or a Black/Red one.

I have a Majesty and an Entheos.

The Majesty is worth taking a look at. The Entheos is passable. It’s a good undersized but yeah…

So, we have a Prestige for sale and we are looking for a Hatrick and M10. Anyone?

Have my fourth Hatrick coming in the mail.

I want more Hatricks.

Which colorways do you have?

I’ve had one blue/red, one clear/yellow, and one 2nd run BA (blue/black).

I have a blue/red one, but not the same one listed above.

The Prestige is great if you guys haven’t tried one out as well. I got to play with one of Alex’s at PNWR.

I’ve got a pair of M10s. One red and one blue.


Ive tried a KLR, I want a Prestige

Are you looking to buy or just want one?

Ah, see this is what I’m talking about!

Abby has a torrent 2 B-grade.
Abby wants prestige cause it looks purty.

I want a USA, magnum, and og torrent. They will complete the collection

Here is what I have:

!. Red/grey B/A Majesty
2. Black B/A M10
3. Black B/A Enthoes
4. Purple Sage Prestige
5. Pink b grade Torrent 2

and waiting for Ernie to release the next one.

old dog

I have no General Yo, I would consider trying a Model 10 or Prestige if I could find a Pink Moon/Copper Bowe or Orange Boo to trade for.

dont own any myself but I was really very impressed with the prestige, super nice throw

I really like the colors of the prestige. Did you guys ever find out what happened to those prestige’s that were lost?

They were found on eBay and returned to Ernie I’m pretty sure.