General Yo. I'm home

I’m home for a little bit. Feels great on top of a great day! Enjoy and happy throwing. I took a 3 day break so if I did not reply send me another Pm Sorry!

and would show off my small case of some throws.

B Grade Second run KLR
1 of 5 Pre Pro Model 10
Red/Blue Hatrick
Comp grade blue/silver KLR
Orange Boo Prestige.
Blue Mist Prestige
1 of 12? 1st run purple/silver Majesty (7075)
AMAN 6061 Majesty
1 of 23 Purple Mountain Majesty
1 of 23 Purple Mountain Majesty
1 of 13 Vinyasa Majesty
1 of 2 BA 2nd run Majesty
1 of 5 Aman Model 10 A Grade
1 of ? Special Aman Model 10 gifted to me.


I’m still loving that M10! Thanks!

Haha not a problem! If you ever want to sell it, you know who might buy it… :slight_smile:

Ahh A grades, i’m still stuck on B’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those b grades are super smooth!


tell me about it my torrent 2 b grade is smoother than some caribou lodge’s I have tried.

The Blue Mist Prestige looks sooooooo good…

Gotta love how good comp edition general yo’s are.

Ernie is so picky! Better for us!!

Those Purple Mountain Majesties…

I concur.


If you are ever looking to trade or get rid of that Blue Majesty, pm me please. I am obsessed.

Does anyone know if there will be a restock of General Yo on YYE anytime soon?

Hideous aren’t they?