Most sought after General Yo?

Recent conversion has made me realize how many special general yo there are. Many of these are highly sought after. What are the top 5? In my opinion…

  1. USA Hatrick: only a few ever on the BST; 20 made
  2. OG Torrent: also never seen on the BST; only second because 60 made
  3. First Run 5*: again they never come up and are always talked about; 100 made
  4. Magnum: fairly rare, don’t pop up too often; 60 made?
  5. Majesties: not really rare but everyone wants one

What do you guys think?

Never had one, but I would like to try one

You should they’re amazing! A new one is coming out soon, the amplitude.

Say whaat :o
ima have to get one

General to collectors seem to always be looking for OG torrents, but I think the Aman editions on he yos are pretty sought after as well.

Og torrent is the most “rare”.

Only one I need to complete my collection. That and 18 more ppm’s :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^^^This guy has the most insane general yo collection!

I need 4 more to finish my collection, but I know were 1 of them is. The 5*, torrent, and magnum are the hardest to come by. Aling with the 5* and torrent being worth hundreds of dollars!

I know where the five stars are, I know where a torrent is, but they aren’t dislodged from their owners easily. Reality is, since they are old throws, they might be in collections of yoyoers that have quit.

Do you guys agree… disagree?


OG Torrent definitely #1 hardest to get and most sought after. I finally got a 1st Run 5 Star, so all I need is an OG Torrent. Just my insight. God Bless - Moefv

I’d also like to try a General-Yo, because people on here are always going on about them. I would plan on playing it though. I don’t collect things.

I’m assuming that some people want them because they play great and not just because they’re rare.

Am I correct in expecting two groups of yo-yos from General-yo coming soon? There are some missing M10s and the new model?

I believe so

Yes the M10’s will be released soon along with the new Amplitude. Not positive on the release dates. Back to collecting them, reality is, people do collect them and maybe don’t play them. I personally use all of mine, but I’m careful with them. I have one hatrick that’s beat to hell and I don’t care, it’s still smooth as butter.

Off the top…in a zone:

General yos are rare, but I’m an addict,
Collect out of habit, I see it…I nab it,
Maybe a Hatrick, and maybe a Torrent,
Maybe and Essence, Ministar I’m all for it.
I like the Prestige…have one for trade?
I’m after the Majesty, all throws they made,
Model 10 is my favorite, got one as a gift,
Magnum, for sure, and it’s on my wants list,
All of my friends, when I get them to throw,
I recommend to them General Yo.


Haha that’s great. You have a pretty awesome general yo collection yourself.

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I would replace the Majesty with the KLR. I’ve been looking for a KLR for a long time, and still haven’t been able to find a suitable one. I have a B grade blasted KLR that’s got quite a bit of minor damage and I’ve owned it twice now. It’s definitely harder to find a KLR than it is a Majesty, and in my opinion the KLR is a much better yoyo. They are both really good, but the KLR is special (to me anyway).

You’re right. A-grade KLR’s are really hard to come by.