Every General-Yo is rare, right?

They’re rare if they do and don’t have any engravings or are a certain color or are not a certain color.

All of them.

“The Proud. The Rare. General-Yo”


I heard The General didn’t do second run, except for hatricks, is this correct?

Incorrect. .


They did second runs on many models.


Check their website out for more info. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post it, but I think I can if not a mod can just edit my post. God Bless - Moefv


They aren’t really that hard-to-get. They are very readily available for anyone to buy/trade for on the BST’s almost always. They even arent that rare either, there are just LOADS of special editions that make them rare or exclusive or whatever you genyo fanboys like about genyo.

Not necessarily true. It is true some models are somewhat common, majesties and M10’s for example. Go try finding an OG torrent, a first run five star, or a USA hatrick. Most models really aren’t that easy to come by.

Yeah, but what I’m saying is that getting your hands on any given general yo is not that difficult. Sure, getting an OG torrent is very hard to do, but getting just any old general yo is an easy matter. And honestly M10’s, Majesties, Prestiges, KLR’s, and torrentII’s are pretty easy to come by. The older ones are more rare because odds are they’re in someone who quit yoyoing’s collection.

No I hear ya man, I guess it just depends on what throw is it.

I never had a general cuz they were hard to find

Depending on the yoyo, a little bit of digging will find you what you want.

Ya I barly started digging

Yeah I dug for 5 months for one general yo…

It definitely takes digging for most of the older gen yos. The hardest to fond for me was the klr actually. And mine’s B grade I hear finding an A grade is even more difficult. The one I see very very little of is the entheos actually

The entheos doesn’t pop up much, but oddly, it doesn’t seem too popular among general yo collectors. Does anyone know why?

A grade KLR’s are hard.

Because it sucks.