questions about general yo

I have never played with these but have a couple of questions

  1. What is really special about general yo? (Dont take it the wrong way im just wondering)
  2. why so rare cant Ernie make more instead of like runs of 10?
  3. How does it perform?
    well thats it im just curious about these yoyos.

It is cool because ernie is a great guy, and made in USA

It is meant to be rare and collectible, and ernie does it as a side job when his aerospace machine shop isn’t busy.

It is so smooth, and im willing to call it the best company.

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sounds intriguing

General Yo is a small company that produces small runs of yoyos, which not only makes them special but since they aren’t mass produced like bigger companies, quality control is better. I believe General Yo has the absolute highest standards for quality and top notch yoyos available today. Everything is made in the USA, and it’s cool to support such a small company. General Yo and it’s followers are all like family, it feels like. I buy every single General Yo release because I know it’s going to be good… that’s how much I trust Ernie, I know he’ll put out an amazing product every single time- and the best part is, every single release is better than the previous. And once you throw a General Yo, it’s hard to believe that it could get any better. And a few factors lead me to believe that General Yo has some of the best yoyos in the world: Quality is the finest, which I already mentioned, they have the smoothest yoyos on the planet, which set the standard for how smooth a yoyo should be, and overall they are just amazing yoyos to play with. I remember when I first threw a General Yo… it was in 2009 at the National YoYo Contests when Ernie had a few Hatricks for sale. I threw it down and loved it so much I bought it right there. I have supported General Yo ever since and they are still my favorite company today. You’ll never forget the first time you throw a General Yo. Thank you Ernie for making the best yoyos ever! If you have any other specific questions don’t hesitate to ask, I’m sure I could answer them.

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Ernie makes yoyos for fun… One Drop, CLYW, YYJ, YYF all are doing it for a living… Hence the small runs of his yoyos… Actually… Ernie makes at a minimum 100 of each model… That is a lot of yoyos… They always end up on the BST in some way shape or form…

Ernie’s yoyos are GLASS smooth… Smooth beyond smooth… (if that is your thing)

He prides himself in USA made… Precision yoyos… Many people like that (I am one of them)

Ernie’s last three designs the KLR, Majesty and Model 10 have become (and well deserved) some of the best yoyos of the last year or so… Just that simple…

Something that may not have anything to do with buying or throwing a yoyo. I love his machine work. I get to see a lot of yoyos and GY’s, Ernie if I may, are little pieces of art.

  1. They are just really nice, high quality throws. I took a chance on a 5*V2 when they came out and it quickly topped my list of favorite throws. So smooth, great organic shape, and the best blast ever. Also nice bearings too and Ernie supported his throws with a variety of readily available pads. I was hooked from then on.

  2. Actually I think the amount of throws he makes is pretty much right on. They usually don’t last long, but I haven’t had any trouble buying the throws I wanted when they came out (with the exception of the magnum). I mean I just looked and you can still get a Model 10 or Entheos from a store right now.

  3. Awesome!

  1. Well, GeneralYo is known for making some of the first really smooth yoyos. Our yoyos were, and are still made on aerospace quality machines. The term “GeneralYo smooth” came to be used commonly soon after the birth of GeneralYo.

  2. That… I can’t really say much on. It doesn’t have to do anything with Ernie trying to keep our stuff “rare” and “collectible”, that’s what special editions are for. I know we could make and sell more product than we do, but I know Ernie is a very busy guy who does his best to put out product.

  3. Well, that is up to personal preference. Our yoyos are very high quality and have a very high standard. Our yoyos tend to have a lot of rim-weight and very stable. We have a great reputation for making smooth yoyos. Our last 2 yoyos have been aimed towards competitive yoyoing with more angular shapes. We have a variety of yoyos, small, large, rounded, angular, etc. We have yoyos that appeal to many consumers! Give one a try at a local meet or contest, and keep an eye out for the next run of Majestys!


Lol runs of 10…
This just in, I think I know of 10 Model 10’s still sitting in stores… :o

Same here, except, I started on the 5*v2. Fell in love that day.
And he’s right, G-Yo followers are the best !

If you ever throw a General-Yo all your questions will be answered… God Bless - Moefv

If I had money, then they would not be there;)