Very few General-Yo Yoyos


So I’ve noticed that whenever General-Yo releases a new yoyo they always make very few. Because they always sell out instantly wouldn’t they make more money and everybody would be happier if they made more? I realize they put a lot of skill and testing into each yoyo, but if you’re making money is there really any reason to make less yoyos?


Main problem with making lots is quality control and general yo does a lot of it


Yeah to really get that level of quality takes time, but if you’re making money why not just spend the extra time? I know that sounds kinda greedy, but it’d make all the buyers happier too.


Ernie, the owner of General Yo is more geared towards quality than quantity. I believe he has another career, and this is a side business. Or at least it was when it started. Also, producing fewer amounts of yoyos keeps the collectibility high, and there’s always a demand for more. Look how many people are looking fm for OG torrents, five stars, and USA Hatricks, they’re hard to find. I don’t think Ernie wants to flood the market, that’s all.


Their comp grades play pretty much exactly the same as A-Grades, the ONLY difference is in the cosmetics. As far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong, everything else is scrapped. Their standards are very high.


I figured it was a side business. And yeah, being rare adds to the legendary and mythical vibe I get from their yoyos :slight_smile:

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Limited numbers and a high number of eager buyers guarantees that every single one will be sold every single time. This is similar to earlier CLYW releases, except now they don’t sell out immediately nearly as often, and sit around for a while.


They actually make quite a few when you consider just how many stores they sell to. Look around. There’s still some of there older models even available if you’re willing to search.