whats the best GENRAL YO yoyo ever made?

in my opinion the hat trick or the KLR. whats yours

Majesty or KLR… probably will be the MODEL 10, once we can get ahold of them, or they’re released.

I’m not crazy about the majesty, it just plays “aight” to me. The KLR is definitely mentionable though :slight_smile:

don’t you ever talk bad about the Majesty again ! :wink:

The original 5*. This is the only one I have but it is a fantastic throw.

I have thrown basically every General Yo yoyo ever created.
And out of all of them, I gotta say its a toss up between the original 5 Star, and the Hattrick.
Both have a certain elegance to them that are just pure magic.


Hatrick or 5 Star! I like the Hatrick so much I own 5 lol! God Bless - Moefv

I played them all. The majesty fits my preferences the best. All of them are glass smooth, and I can classify to be the number one company.

My favorite is and will likely always be the Magnum. I’ve never played such a powerful yoyo in all my life and I still smile every single time I pick mine up. The nickel plated magnesium feels fantastic in the hand and just hums at the end of the string on every throw. Of all the exotic metal yoyos currently made, I prefer the Magnum hands and fists above the rest.

I have owned them all and while I wish the 5 Star was a tad heavier and had Hat Pad response I will say Majesty. If the 5 Star had these things then it would win for me… I really love them all though. Nothing plays like a Gen Yo… They have such a classy feel to them and they are designed so well…

The one thats next to come.

I loved my 5v2 for the grip. I made a 5 avatar and rocked it for the longest.

But then I got the Majesty and that just put everything to sleep. Having BOTH the 6061 and the 7075, I can say they are vastly different.

Everyone should try to play a 6061 Majesty (Purple Mountain) if they can. I know it’ll be difficult considering there’s only 23 of them. I strongly suggest someone buys LinkLegionaire’s off the BST before he realizes what he’s doing.

I just kind of had to swallow my pride and ignore the awesomeness that 7075 theoretically is. It’s taken me about a month to come to the conclusion that the 6061 Majesty it is a tad bit more enjoyable to play. My nickname for it is the Floatation Device. The 7075 is more stable etc. Both smoooth. Love them both to death, but the 6061 like I said… is like the 7075 version that you’ve all come to know, but with the float factor. People really should try the 6061 version and they’d realize how AWESOME it is, because right now most people have only tossed the 7075.

That being said, I play my 7075 version more and you’d be hard pressed to get the 7075 off me. Good luck haha.

I haven’t tried the KLR yet, would love to get hands on a mint Aman version… But not in a hurry to get one really. If it’s what I expect, it’s smooth and General Yo Perfect.

TLDR 6061 Majesty. Go buy LinkLegionaire’s RIGHT NOW

Yeah thanks to SkyHighYo I have a Purple Mountain Majesty 6061 and it is amazing! I’d really like to try the 7075 tho too


The general yo torrent2 I like how it it has smooth round edges. Plus how it does with grinds amazing. Its my new favorite throw.


hmmm. I only own the torrent II. Love mine, it is only a Bgrade but it feels so good to play with.
Not my main throw, though mainly because I’m desperately trying to resist the urge to bring good throws with me where ever I go. It’s a ding thing. I know it doesn’t matter most of the times, but I haven’t moved on to that level yet.

Was planning to get a Majesty, but was really disappointed when it was out of stock everywhere almost within a few minutes.

Anyways. Any ideas regarding the model 10? Plan to make my moves now since I have an actual chance to grabe one.