Any one know anything on the majesty?


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Pretty much the best yoyo I’ve ever tried… and trust me, I’ve tried alot of yoyos.


Would you clarify how it’s the “best yoyo” you’ve ever tried? What other yoyos have you tried?

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Of course, I’d be happy to.

The Majesty is the best yoyo to me for a few reasons:

  1. It is one of the most stable yoyos out there, due to it’s weight distribution.
  2. Its stability gives it a very solid feel when the yoyo hits the end of the string, and its stability continues as the yoyo spins longer and longer.
  3. Also because of it’s unique weight distribution, it spins for obscene and outrageously long amounts of time, more than any other yoyo I’ve tried. The best part about this is when it does actually start to die down, you can still bind it perfectly when it’s still barely spinning at all.
  4. It plays surprisingly fast for it’s weight. But it can also play super slow for those that prefer slower, flowy tricks. It’s incredible that it can suit all styles: Mickey fast, or Jensen flowy.
  5. The shape fits the contour of my hand quite well, more so than a Chief or Avalanche or something else would.
  6. The blast on the yoyo is stunning, it does have the General Yo blast which allows for amazing grinds.

Overall, its just the yoyo for me. It’s just seriously the best yoyo out there that I’ve tried. It’s what I prefer and it’s what I’ll use… to me it’s the best.

In regards to “what other yoyos I’ve tried:”
As I’ve been in the yoyo community for over 4 years, I’ve had the chance to try numerous yoyos.
I would estimate that I’ve tried at the very least 200 different models of yoyos in the time that I’ve been apart of the community. Since I live where many contests are held, it’s very easy to get access to the vast amount of throws that are out there. To many to count, way too many to count.

Hope I could answer your question.

EDIT: I’ve also found just a few of the many people who agree with me:

Again, hope I answered your question. If you have any more, I’d be happy to answer them.


I agree with everything said above. It almost feels like your cheating when you play it. I can’t believe there’s still some in stock!


I got three, :slight_smile: got a BM up for trade


No question. Get one!!!
It’s hard for me to say its the best because I like a lot of different throws but is a great yoyo. I have 3 and missed out on a 4th. Lol.


It’s my favorite yoyo as well. I got four Majesty’s, a Purp Mountain (~65g), a 7075 (heavy blast), and two 2nd run 6061’s (light blast and tumbled). I highly recommend all of them.

I got my first one, late last year? Have been playing them daily ever since. Pretty much put a stop to my wants, now I can give undivided attention on the important thing; Skills. I find a lot of people spend waaaay too much time focusing on “Performance” and scrutinizing other yoyo’s. I, on the other hand, enjoy almost every throw I touch… no joke. But the Majesty is truly a perfect, well rounded throw, feels perfect in the hand and on the string.

Granted, it’s clearly not a YYR, sOMETHING or TP, so you better NOT call it the Best! How DARE you!? Do you even own any other yoyo’s besides the Majesty? Have you EVER tried a different yoyo? Lol, okay so you’ve tried 200 other throws you could compare it to? That’s ostensible! You didn’t spend over 10,000 hours with each one, so how could you possibly, truly know how all those yoyo’s really feel and play!? lolol… /sarcasm.

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SY-001 Stealth Ogre

I like Pulp Fiction but its not the best movie. Lol. ;D


I’m confused, It’s far from my favorite movie. Nor do I think it one of the best.


I love the Majesty . Already have 2 lime and limey stew .And I Just bought the last bad azz on yoyo expert . Happy yoyo day :slight_smile: