Your favorite General-yo?

Mines probably the hatrick, but there all amazing!!!


5star in close second, I just like undersized more

My favorite general yo is the Five Star v2. It was my first metal, it’s got a great shape and finish and is just plain awesome.


What’s to say?

All of 'em.

All of them are awesome, hard to choose. But there is one that totaly stands out of the rest, and any other yoyo I have played… the Generalyo Magnum! Totally the best yoyo imo! 8)

~James Reed!

Freehand zero…but that would only be because I haven’t tried anything any better, I need to upgrade pretty soon! even with the silicone mod it doesn’t allow me to do what i want.

5hatinistarent or the colagnum. i cant choose.

that’s a Duncan, not a general-yo.

4.5 Star

The only General-Yo I haven’t tried is the Torrent, so obviously I can’t put that on my list.

  • = I own it.

gonna be ministar once I grab it. by the way when are they coming out??? everyone said yesterday!!!
I am getting very impacient so pleeeeese if you know when and what time POST!!!

12 o’clock EST TODAY. :slight_smile: Be sure to pick one up. It’s a beast player.

I love this forum, they are all equally awesome. :wink:


Wat was the collab

the collabricon, It was a collaboration between 3Y03 and General-Yo.


Mini Star!!!

wat was it called

The Collabricon is a collaboration between General-Yo and 3yo3. It’s beast plastic player. Desinged by Ernie, made by 3yo3. Hat pads, AIGR bearing.

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