Your favorite General-yo?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

Mines probably the hatrick, but there all amazing!!!

(DOGS) #2


5star in close second, I just like undersized more


My favorite general yo is the Five Star v2. It was my first metal, it’s got a great shape and finish and is just plain awesome.




What’s to say?

All of 'em.

(Jamesofyoyo) #6

All of them are awesome, hard to choose. But there is one that totaly stands out of the rest, and any other yoyo I have played… the Generalyo Magnum! Totally the best yoyo imo! 8)

~James Reed!


Freehand zero…but that would only be because I haven’t tried anything any better, I need to upgrade pretty soon! even with the silicone mod it doesn’t allow me to do what i want.

(LookAYoYo) #8

5hatinistarent or the colagnum. i cant choose.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #9

that’s a Duncan, not a general-yo.

(SR) #10

4.5 Star

The only General-Yo I haven’t tried is the Torrent, so obviously I can’t put that on my list.

  • = I own it.


gonna be ministar once I grab it. by the way when are they coming out??? everyone said yesterday!!!
I am getting very impacient so pleeeeese if you know when and what time POST!!!

(SR) #12

12 o’clock EST TODAY. :slight_smile: Be sure to pick one up. It’s a beast player.


I love this forum, they are all equally awesome. :wink:



(Thomas) #15

Wat was the collab


the collabricon, It was a collaboration between 3Y03 and General-Yo.




Mini Star!!!

(Thomas) #19

wat was it called

(SR) #20

The Collabricon is a collaboration between General-Yo and 3yo3. It’s beast plastic player. Desinged by Ernie, made by 3yo3. Hat pads, AIGR bearing.