General-Yo's Official News

How are you guys getting your hands on these?

I wish to know as well

Ernie… As simple as that.

Just opened up a box sitting on my porch and found a great early Christmas present inside.

I cannot begin to describe how smooth this yo throws! The ano is flawless, it feels phenomenal in hand… Needless to say its a General Yo!

Thanks Ernie!!!

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Lucky sons of guns… BTW holidays has only one l.

Agreed. Ernie can I be your friend too!!! Please…

Took a few more pics with a Torrent II for reference.

My other throws are going to collect dust ;D

My purple Majesty should be here tomorrow. Can’t wait, thanks again Ernie! I can say that General-Yo is only company that I like every throw they’ve made. The smoothness and feel is just amazing and the ano/blast can’t be beat for grinds. This is how I rate Gen-Yo’s, top being my favorite:
Torrent II
Magnum (wasn’t my favorite)


I think I purchased the Torrent II pictured above from you. Great throw, thank you.

How about this Majesty…


Stunning, as usual.

I’m mad pumped to get mine in the mail, an early christmas present to myself I suppose 8)

First yoyo in about two years!! Last one was the five star, it was so good I didn’t want anything else!! But this looks perfect to me. GENERAL YO FOR LIFE!!

P.S. anyone know if USPS open day after Thanksgiving?

Just looked at their website, it says that the day after is an observed holiday.

I have also had the privilege of trying one of these beauties out. …Wow.

Not only is the manufacturing flawless, the anodization and blast are almost luminescent. In a case full of throws, the Majesty will stand out. In the hands, the Majesty shines. It is fast and solid, It seems to want to flow from one string to another - perhaps it is the blast, but the string just seems to want to find the gap with little effort even when the player is less than perfect; like me.

There is considerable mid/rim-weight and a heft that gives the Majesty a ferocious spin and stability that allows long combos with a snappy-bind to finish. This guy does not want to stop spinning after a few tricks. Add on a few more that you never tried and this thing will still thump your hand on the return. Did I mention it was stable? The only thing that knocked the Majesty off kilter was my lack of skill. Even that took more than a few string hits on the slick, blasted walls before any hint of spin-loss or tilt was evident. Not only is this a great 1A player, but I would imagine that 5A players and even 3A players will be impressed with the play of this yoyo.

If you already own a General-Yo - this is a must-have. If you never have owned a General-Yo and were wondering if the yo-yo’s were deserving of their reputation; buy the Majesty. Whatever your motivation you will not be disappointed owning this fabulous addition to the General-Yo lineup.

I would be waiting with my finger poised when YYE releases them (soon I hope) :slight_smile:

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Wish I would’ve gotten in on this sooner, and secured a purple/grey one, but this is still a beauty. And it’s every bit as everyone else has described!
General-Yo 7075 Majesty #todaysthrow #twotone by ebilflindas, on Flickr
General-Yo 7075 Majesty #todaysthrow #twotone by ebilflindas, on Flickr

I must get one of these in this color scheme. Ohio State Buckeye colors are a must in my collection.

That looks sweet. Still getting blown away daily, by this throw.

Got mine today!!

I got an all purple one, I call it the “Royal Majesty”.

I love it so much, it feels great in my hand, the same great ano/blast you know to expect from GenYo. I had one small scratch on mine out of box, but that is the least of my concerns… this thing is stable as hell!!

Will definitely be picking up another one!

I took a couple pictures today, as I thought the pics earlier in the thread kind of made the color look different than it really does…

When you take a picture of the purple with the flash on, it looks like a different purple than it really is. I attatched a couple photos without the flash, and one with the flash… for your guys viewing pleasure.

It really is a beautiful yoyo.

Nice pics there!!! Everyday more and more I am enjoying this throw!!!