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Hey everyone!

Mkay, so first off let me say that I am new at throwing. I have been doing it maybe a month altogether. And I love it! My first throw was a Velocity and now I have moved on to bigger and better things.

I am currently throwing a General Yo Majesty and a One Drop Chik! I love them both and I couldn’t pick just one if I had to.

So to my topic. Has anyone else noticed that with the Majesty, if your throw is off a little, that you get some vibe? I might be smoking crack or something.


Yup. Your deff a crack head. The Majesty is the smoothest throw I have ever thrown.


I thought so. Yeah it is hands down the smoothest throw I have ever played with. Like I said, I must have been smoking crack or something

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When your throw straightens out you will find that you yoyo will have much less initial vibe. This is one of those things that comes with time. :slight_smile: One question, does that majesty have secondary vibe?


What do you mean by secondary vibe? If you mean cause I bought it used, no. I found one brand new, never been used. I am the first owner of it.

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Secondary vibe refers to the vibe of the yoyo after the initial vibe (vibe caused by throw)


It might be that. As I said at the beginning, I am still very new to throwing.


Any yoyo has the potential to vibe on a bad throw, as your throws get better you will notice it less and less. A string centering bearing can help with this problem as it helps bad throws be a bit more forgiving.

The Majesty has quite a wide response pad so that might be the reason it vibes on a bad throw, but on a good one it’ll be smooth as butter. =)


Often if your throws a bit off you get vibe. Some yoyos are more prone to this than others.

Putting your finger into the gap below the bearing is a good way to remove the vibe. If it still has vibe after that then it’s probably due to the yoyo or bearing.


Try putting your finger under the yoyo in the catch zone lightly (or just do a finger grind) and see if it vibes after that if it doesnt its your throw


I found that just naturally playing on a throw with vibe will get rid of the vibe, because of the strings hits smoothing the yoyo out. It also doesn’t look as unnatural as touching your finger to the yoyo. However, whenever I get a vibey throw, I usually just bind and throw again.

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Dude, it’s your throw. Especially if you’ve only been yoyoing for a month. You need to work on your throw for sure.

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Any yoyo will wobble on a bad throw, but that doesn’t mean it vibes. To tell if it vibes, do a finger test (put your finger against the spinning yoyo to see if it has a steady vibration. But if it’s from GeneralYo, it shouldn’t vibrate (unless you unscrewed it a lot or something).

And trust me on this one. Don’t get worried about vibe. Vibe doesn’t affect play of the yoyo at all.