YYJ Inspire... Anyone else's vibey?!


So I just recently got a new YYJ Inspire… it is an awesome looking yoyo!
And one of the reasons I got one was because it looks so cool and I read that
“By design the Inspire provides dead smooth spin throw after throw.” off of the YYE
store page… Well, maybe I got a dud?!
Because this one seems to have a nice, consistent vibe to it… LOVE everything else
I was hoping this would be a plastic/metal that would play smooth like the solid metal’s play.

Anyone else having this issue with their Inspire?!?


No visual vibe, I can feel a little vibe through the string while it’s spinning. It’s certainly not at the level where I would describe it to someone as vibey, but it’s not dead smooth like a $100 dollar metal can be.


Nope, haven’t heard any complaints from my Bro :-\

If it’s a serious issue, I’d consider contacting YYJ, see what they have to say.


Mine has a small amount of vibe too. I don’t really mind it though. I’m pretty sure you can tune it out. The vibe doesn’t really affect my play too much and the yoyo plays amazing anyway.


It’s a YYJ dude, its gonna have vibe.


I’d suggest popping out the caps and adjusting that little axle screw so that it’s even between the yo halves.


LOL… that’s what I kind of figured too!

But the YYE Store page it says “By design the Inspire provides dead smooth spin throw after throw…”

I will give that a try when I get home from work… Sounds like a possibility!

Already in contact with YYJ but we’ll see what happens…

Thanks for the replies everyone!