So i have had the YYJ inspire for about a month and a half and for some reason it does not live up to my expectaions that I had for this yoyo when I bought it. I thought that this yoyo was going to be a level up from my YYF DV888, but for some reason I find my self reaching always for the DV888.

I don’t know if it is a flaw in my Inspire, but it is extremely viby. I have tried changing the bearings and everything but i still haven’t gotten a good result. Every time I am in the middle of a trick it spins out and the sleep time is only about 1min 30 sec.

Bottom line is that i was expecting to perform like an amazing yoyo. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t horrible, but i was just wondering if anyone can give me advise to try to fix it or if any one has their input on the inspire.


Here’s your fix for the sleep time- Practice your throw

Different people like different yoyos. You know that C3Capless? you know the Chief? I like Capless more than chiefs. Nobody would expect that i would like a 60 dollar capless over a 160 dollar Chief, but things happen.

YYJ yoyos are notorious for being vibey, the vibe is just part of YYJ throws in general.
I have only used one smooth YYJ, and it was the Dark Magic OG, all others had a considerable vibe.


I honestly don’t think its my throw cause i can get very good sleep times with other yo-yos no problem. and i find that this yoyo is very tilty as well.


1:30 sleep time - what’s wrong wit dat??? :wink:

The vibe could be a combination of your throw and the yoyo design. I’ve noticed w/some yoyos, including some YYJ models that they require a very straight throw or they will tend to wobble/vibrate. Symptoms are “tilty” yoyos.


My YYJ’s have always had a bit of vibe, but it’s always totally playable. Even the Diamondback at more than twice the cost of the Inspire vibes a little, in my experience. I would personally put it down to the use of weight rings in my case. I don’t know everything about yoyo design but it’s logical to assume that any joining of materials is going to cause some inherent balance issues, and a lot of YYJ throws I’ve owned are built this way.

I would say though, if you buy from YYE and you’re not happy, tell them. Andre will listen to reports of excessive vibe or anything you feel is not normal, and he’ll work to fix it. So, in the future I’d go that route in the case that you’re not fully satisfied. The customer service here is awesome.


I just had a problem with mine and it was a small and silly thing. the Rims can actually pop out the slightest bit which mine did. it may not even be visible but make sure that theyre tight to the center if you know what i mean because sometimes after a hit or maybe even without it, theyll get a little loose. that caused razy vibe to mine. then maybe keep trying bearings and or tighten/ loosen the axle. If thats not the case then idk man, good luck!


ps. when i got it, it was sick and had barely any vibe. I reach for it often over others