YYJ Inspire... Anyone else's vibey?!


I did already post this in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” section but didn’t have any replies so I thought I would try here…

So I just recently got a new YYJ Inspire… it is an awesome looking yoyo!
And one of the reasons I got one was because it looks so cool and I read that
“By design the Inspire provides dead smooth spin throw after throw.” off of the YYE
store page… Well, maybe I got a dud?!
Because this one seems to have a nice, consistent vibe to it… LOVE everything else
I was hoping this would be a plastic/metal that would play smooth like the solid metal’s play.

Anyone else having this issue with their Inspire?!?

(Aaron~) #2

I havent tried an inspire and I dont plan to. Bht there are a lot of variable why.the yoyo could possibly have vibe. On rimmed yoyos the rims are fixed onto a plastic body and the rims could be unevenly fixed on there. Also weight distribution could be off in the yoyo also. Blah blah blah I could write a book on methods an reasons why you have vibe just message me.


My Inspire is pretty smooth. The only problem I have with it is that the pads aren’t thick enough and it gives me really slippy binds. Does the caps rattle? I think DrYoyo [Chris] mentioned it but just push the cap back in place and you should be fine.


My Inspire is extremely viby. I haven’t damaged it in any way, and I also noticed it doesn’t spin for as long as i want it to.

(M.DeV1) #5

Mine is a bit vibey but whatevs I’m not a real nazi about when it comes to bimetals.


Sometimes the rims come slightly loose. This will cause a very slight gap between the plastic body and the metal rims. Sometimes dinging the yoyo causes the gap to forms. The gap is very small, and sometimes causes vibe/wobble.To fix this place the yoyo flat on a hard surface. A desk or the ground would work. The yoyo is flat as in the rims are parallel to the surface. Apply pressure to the top of the yoyo. You may feel and hear a slight pop. Don’t worry these are just the caps moving back in place. Flip the yoyo around and do the same to the other side. Test the yoyo out and voila most the vibe should have disappeared. This little trick works extremely well for me and I hope you have the same results.


It works on other YYJ metal/plastic yoyos too. I have this issue with my Hitman Pro and Speeder 2’s brass rims. Use this as a starting point. It does work very well.