How do you deal with vibrations?

I have an x-convict and whenever i throw it, it always will vibrate. i’m not sure if that’s a big deal or not, but it kind of bothers me when i play with it. i use a KK bearing. i sanded down the metal rims on a lathe to make them smoother, but i don’t think that is what is causing the vibrations, because it was like that out of the box. is there any way to deal with this?

on a side note, since i sanded down the rims, they tend to tarnish (not sure if that’s the right word…) easily. i tried to metal polish it, and it works for a bit but the tarnish comes back really fast. is there anything i can do to the rims to stop this, such as coating it with something??

I dont know about the rims but YYJ yoyos have this vide we call a YYJ vide and it happens with most YYJ yoyo. I dont think you can do anyhting about it. Plz correct me if I’m wrong.

Its probably what Shisaki said. The plastic in YYJ yoyos can be a little inconsistent, so some parts of the plastic can be heavier than the other, thus, vibe. There might be nothing you can do about it ???

And i have no idea how to solve the tarnish sorry, i just leave them grey.

The vibe doesn’t really bother me…

The vibe could be caused by the YYJ Plastic, but it also could be your throw. If the string is rubbing against the gap, you will get a vibe.

The tarnish doesn’t affect play, and it isn’t bad for your yoyo, so I wouldn’t worry about it :wink:

I haven’t had a single YYJ have this problem as far as I know so I must just be lucky or something.

Anyway, if you want to, you could try putting something really light, like maybe a regular o-ring, on one side and then the other and tape it on as centered as you can get and see if that helps.

Wrapping the axle in a thin layer of Teflon Tape may do the trick for you.

Hmmm… I have a DM, but I almost never have a vibe problem. Whenever I throw, it’s so smooth that the rims even reflect light like a mirror. :o
But I think it’s just practice. At first, my DM was vibrating a lot whenever I throw, messing up many of my tricks. Then after a while the vibrations stopped, and its spin became a lot smoother.

It sounds more like wobble than vibe.

Yeah my Lyn Fury has some vibration problems too. Does it affect your throws?

How does the yoyo affect your throw?

It doesn’t affect your throw, but it can affect how the yoyo feels on the string, give you less sleep times and even be irritating!

is it siliconed?

My Lyn has a vibe too. I just ignore it ;D