Vibe Problem

I have a YYF velocity yoyo.
It is keeping on vibrating no matter how well I throw the yoyo. It keeps its vibration in both responsive and unresponsive mode.
Suggest a way to stop that vibration and I have no chance to get yoyo thin lube here

Are you new to throwing? If so, welcome to the hobby! Throw technique plays a huge role in the yoyo vibrating if it is user error and the yoyo will typically smooth out during tricks.

I am not too familiar with the velocity, but it looks like it has an adjustable response system? If so, all those extra parts by design will cause some vibe. And I wouldn’t expect a 15$ plastic yoyo to be dead smooth.

Now if throw technique is pretty good and u got a yoyo that is straight up wobbling, than I would guess that the yoyo is no good.

Also I wouldn’t lube the bearing first. As far as maintainence goes if you dont have a spare bearing, you can try cleaning the bearing.


Welcome to the Forums, buddy! I have a Velocity and never had a vibe problem. It’s difficult for us to trouble shoot without seeing your yoyo spinning. What comes to my mind is: was it taken apart and not screwed together properly? If it was screwed back together and it’s not perfectly lined up it will cause vibe. If I think I got a good throw and am getting vibe I know my throw was not as good a throw as I thought it was. If my throw is perfectly straight I will get no vibe. Are you just starting out? For beginners, problems are usually due to inexperience. We were ALL beginners and are going through or went through the same learning experiences. Are you throwing frontstyle or sidestyle? Tell us as much as you can like with what trick / move you are getting vibe. It’s like calling a car repair shop and asking why the cars engine is making a noise. It would be difficult to give you a helpful answer. The more information we have the easier it is to help you. My opinion is, there is probably no problem with the yoyo.


This to me is the most likely explanation. I have one and it’s not dead smooth, never was. Unless it’s visibly pulsing wildly, as in wobbling, I wouldn’t stress over it. If it is a visible wobble I’d say it’s either damaged or not put together correctly.


I throw the Velocity all the time so I would love to help!!

With all plastics (especially cheap ones) there is always vibe. It is just a fact. It might be that you read a post on vibe and now you notice it more, or not. :upside_down_face:

If you are new to yoyoing, your throwing abilities might not be as good as it could be yet. In that case, get better at throwing, it will take a little time, but you will get the hang of it–I can promise you that. Now, this weird vibe is new, follow me as we try to troubleshoot your problems.

So for starters, did you throw the yoyo really hard on the ground? Like did you drop it, or forget how long the string was and just throw? If so, you may have knocked something loose, and in that case, there really is no fix that is cost-effective to that throw.

Next, did you take apart the yoyo? I know this seems like a silly question, but this could help. If you did, try taking it apart then carefully screwing it back together again checking to make sure the threads are in-line. Once you start feeling resistance, give it the lightest turn, then stop. I cannot tell you how many throws you will strip if you keep on going. If you did not take it apart, stay with me.

Next, how long have you had the throw and about how many hours have you thrown it for? It might be that the ball-bearing is dirty and needs to be cleaned. If this is the case, take the throw apart, pull out the bearing, and clean it. To do this, submerge it in Isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, acetone, or lighter fluid, then swirl or shake the container to get the liquid all over the bearing. If you are younger, I highly recommend you have an adult do this as even I get a little woosy after using these chemicals and these are all stupidly flammable. next, you are going to want to dry the bearing. To do this, put it on a pencil and spin the bearing for like 15 min. Alternatively, you can use canned air which really helps. I know you said that you cannot get ahold of yoyo lube easily, but if one of your pals is in Band or something like that, ask them for trumpet valve oil. If you still cannot get ahold of lube, don’t worry about it, your bearing will just be loudish. Then put together the yoyo as like I mentioned earlier.

This should help for now, but if you could give us some more details, I can give you a better answer. That’s the thing about us throwers, we are one big community that loves to help each other out. To this day, I cannot tell you what I like more: throwing or the community.

Anyways, I know this was a lot, but I hope “shotgunning” answers at least touched on something that could be of note to you.

Welcome to the community!!



Have you tried anything it out with your fingernail? If it Smooths out then it’s your throw.