Yoyo "jitters/wobbles"


hi there

I recently bought my first ‘pro’ yoyo; a YYJ Hit Man (which is godlike compared to my old Yomega Fireball). Lately I’ve noticed that the yoyo sometimes kind of “wobbles” or “jitters” or even “vibrates” while shooting it into a sleeper for example (the whole string “swings/vibrates” then,too).

It’s hard landing it on the string then or doing tricks.
What causes this and how can I get rid of it?

Also: My Hit Man is really unresponsive even when the gap is in the tightest position; is there a mod to make it a tad more responsive?


Hitmans can come with vibes, I would contact YoYoJam.

If you want it to be responsive, well… I would just learn a bind, but try some YoYoJam Thick lube.

(SR) #3

What’s going on with your yo-yo is called YoYoJam Vibe. This is what I hate about certain YYJ yo-yo’s. It wobles, gets off balance, etc. My friends X-ConVict had this. You should PM Andre, maybe he could help you. But first, make sure you have a good throw, and it’s not the yo-yo. Thanks! :wink:

(JM) #4

SR is right. Everyone chatters about the YYJ vibration, but it’s not always the yo yos fault. We all have bad throws every now and then.

(Shisaki) #5

Yep, the YYJ vibe could of struck ur HM but sometimes its just a un-straight throw, if you got a straight one then contact YYJ about.


90% of times people saying they have vibe, it’s really their throw.


Where did you get that number?


That really sounds like either your throw or something with how you have your yoyo set up.

I would adjust various settings like gap width (too tight, too wide), string condition, bearing condition (string fibers/dirt in it). Maybe you hit the floor/wall and didn’t think it caused any damage?

Can you in no way, shape, or form throw a smooth sleeper with it? That’s the only way I would consider that somehow you got a “bum” yoyo.

I really think this whole “Yoyojam vibe” thing is blown waaayyy out of proportion. I’ve been buying Yoyojams for like 10 years now, they’re probably half my yoyo collection. I’ve never had one, even their cheaper ones, that vibe the way the original poster is describing.

“Yoyojam vibe” is a very, very slight and not very noticeable thing in my opinion. We’re talking about the fact that a plastic/metal hybrid isn’t as 100% balanced as a well made metal. Say for instance a plastic/metal hybrid and a well made metal yoyo are thrown simultaneously into hard, fast, perfect sleepers. The metal yoyo up close will look like a spinning gyroscope, like you almost can’t tell it’s spinning. The plastic/metal hybrid will have a very slight vibration to it so that you can tell its spinning as opposed to that perfect gyroscope look the metal has. This isn’t even something you could feel through the string, only see when you hold the yoyo up to your eyes.


Vibe comes in all YoYoJam metal-rimmed yoyos, throw or not. (Usually is) But, the rims aren’t alligned perfectly. Yes, they are on, looks it, but after a while of play, they start to come off. I’ve seen this before. People at contests yoyo with Hitmans, and Dark Magics, and… BAM! Comes flying off. :stuck_out_tongue: Not kidding. :slight_smile:




Oh, thanks. :slight_smile: