Your thoughts on this

What are your thoughts on trading a prepro Majesty 2nd run for a Mint dead smooth model 10. Would the trade be worth it? I love the Model 10 possibly better than my Majesty but I would want to make sure its a good deal. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I would probably so it. Especially if you like the m10 better.

Any other thoughts anyone?

It doesn’t always have to be about money. If I had my choice between two yoyos, one that I loved, and one that was worth more, I’d go for the former. If you think you’d enjoy the M10 more go for it. (I’m not certain if the majesty you have is worth more than the M10 you are looking at but still…)

Go with your instincts. You know yourself better than we know you. :wink:

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Value wise, the majesty is more expensive for sure. But play wise, i think the m10 hands down.

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What about an Aman b-grade one? Just go with what I feel is right I guess?

I would trade. I can’t see why a prepro of a yoyo still in production is going to be worth so much

I’d take it in a heartbeat. Maybe just because I already had a Majesty, but it seems to be a good deal for you.

AHH, so hard :-!
I love them both. The aman M10 isn’t smooth for grinds but is amazing and the Majesty isn’t all my stye but it’s an a grade. Decisions, decisions. Sorry if this is a very mild necro