Prestige Vs Shake

Kinda tired of only havin like v-shaped throws…

I have a Prestige and have a Shake on its way, should have it by monday or tuesday.

Mind you, i’m not a huge fan of the Prestige, as it turned out. So i’ll probably favor the Shake. But i’ll try giving an objective feedback.

Ty, would really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Question, what don’t you like about the prestige?

Well, it can go fast and is nimble, but it’s, pretty unstable IMO (especially with the flat bearing it comes with). Someone here will surely step in and say that i’m wrong about that, but that’s my opinion :slight_smile:

So! I’ve got the package.
First of, if you’re interested in the build quality of the Chinese produced Shake, then don’t worry, you can’t tell that it’s not machined by the Japanese shop that usually makes the yoyos. The Prestige and Shake is equally butter smooth.
My Shake isn’t blasted, so it doesn’t grind any good, but i don’t really care for grinds. At all. But as for fingerspins the Prestige is better because of the cup design.
I’m not going to comment on the size and specs, but the Prestige is both wider and larger in diameter.
As far as spin times goes, both are equally good to the point where i can’t really tell which is better and it doesn’t really make a difference.
Both are pretty hefty imo, while the Prestige is lighter feeling than the Shake.
As for bearing and response i prefer the Shake, with a CT bearing and a response that’s a bit more grippy.

What’s the real dealbreaker for me is the Prestiges stability; the lack of it.

So there’s my thoughts on it. They’re both good yoyos, but i prefer the Shake!

Not to forget the price difference between these two! That alone makes the Shake a better deal IMO.