Shu Ta or Cyborg 2 vs OD Valor -- edit: JPX !!

As much as I’m enjoying my new RainFly, I’m already shopping for a new throw :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve decided that I’d like to try a 7075 to see what all the fuss is about. My preference continues to be for something in the 43mm+ width range, with a nice wide catch zone. Stability and long spin times are a must; I don’t really care about speed or “floatiness.”

While 7075 typically commands a premium over 6061, both the Shu Ta and the Cyborg seem downright reasonable at $65 … and I believe the Shu Ta is even made in the US (not sure about the Cyborg 2.)

The question is, how do the reasonably priced YYF offerings match up against something like the OD Valor? Are the performance and quality comparable? If you were to choose just one of the 3 (or any other currently available top preformer that I’ve overlooked) based on the preferences above, what would you go with?

200% Valor

Irony JPX is 7075 and 95 but currently out of stock. The other to consider would be the Yoyorecreation Sleipnir which is an absolute beast.

If I was picking from your list it would be between the cyborg 2 or the valor. I personally found the valor boring when I threw it but I’ve heard that it should grow on you. It definitely had the performance to back it up though.

Others that I enjoyed are:
Yoyomonster Checkmate
sOMEThING Superfly Remix
C3 Krown
2sickyoyos bishop or queen
Yoyofactory 7075 Genesis

Thanks guys - Yeah, the Irony JPX would be on the list too if it were in stock.
I’ve heard good things about the Sleipnir and Krown also - I’ll check out those, and the others as well.

Decisions decisions … not a terrible problem to have!

The Sleipnir looks pretty awesome, but apparently every bit as unavailable as the Draupnir. Same with the 2SY Bishop (the Queen wasn’t even listed on their site). The Checkmate and Superfly Remix are a little narrower than I’d prefer, but Genesis 7075 and C3 Krown seem to be solid options.

So at this point it’s between:
OD Valor
YYF Cyborg 2
C3 Krown
YYF Genesis 7075

Any other thoughts or recommendations on these throws?

Considering you said:

I would definately say that the 7075 Genesis is the way to go. The Genesis has always been about rock solid stability and spin, and the 7075 Genesis is the pinnacle of the line imo. I own 2 of the ‘Doomsday’ Edition 7075 Genesi’, and they definately stand out as being some of the most stable, strong spinning yoyos in my collection.

The Krown and Valor are both great yoyos, but neither of them really strikes me as having stability in excessive amounts. By no means are either of them unstable, but I wouldn’t put them in the same league as the heavy, rim weighted Genesis.

I haven’t tried a Cyborg 2, so I can’t comment. I absolutely adore the original Cyborg and I am to understand that the play is similar in the new version… if this is indeed the case then it is definately a bargain for such a low price.

Still, if stability and spin are your thing, then I can’t think of a better candidate than the 7075 Genesis. Personally, one of my all-time favourite yoyos, and I’m a stability-junkie like yourself. :slight_smile:

I own the Valor, JPX, Genesis 7075, Shu-ta, Sleipnir (Old version) and the 7075 Checkmate

Simply put: JPX > Sleipnir > 7075 Checkmate > Valor > Shu-ta > 7075 Genesis.

The JPX is a competition BEAST.

I don’t own the Krown, but the P.Wave which is based on the Krown, and it didn’t really impress me to much…

Interesting … it seems the Genesis 7075 is a “love-it”-or-“meh” kinda proposition

I feel like the JPX is really good but also HUGE

I believe yoyoexpert said they’re due to get some pink draupnirs. Maybe they’ll get some sleipnirs too. Always worth asking.

From those, Valor

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Well, it seems there was a quick run on Genesis 7075s since this thread started, so now they’re out of stock as well…
Assuming either Sleipnir or JPX availability opens up at some point, are they more solid/stable/long-spinning than the Valor and/or Cyborg 2?

I really think that the choice is just up to you at this point. All are excellent options that shouldn’t disappoint you so just go for whatever looks best in colorways and shape. I do think the irony jpx is the best option since you could just trade it away for a valor. Same goes for the sleipnir just because they tend to hold value a bit better than the onedrop stuff since it’s a bit more common.

Keeping it cheap on the cyborg 2 isn’t a bad choice either though and you can buy something more pricey down the road.

Haven’t played the Cyborg 2, but the Sleipnir and JPX is definetly more stable than the Valor. The Sleipnir is really hefty, though the JPX oddly enough have a lot less hefty feel. It feels alot more center weighted than the Sleipnir, though it performs better. Mind you, it is by no means a floaty yoyo, but still.

Just capitalized on the JPX mini-restock… I have a blue one on the way - thanks for all the recommendations, guys!