What is the best 7075 yoyo under $130


Alright folks; lay it on me!

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Irony JP probably. But why are you looking for 7075? material doesn’t guarantee good yo-yo.


The nomad by square wheels is my favorite
(They retailed for $100)


I want the 7075 because I like the feel and durability of them. My Werrd hour is just fantastic.


I like the yyf primo


Try to get a vk edition 7075 supernova they are very hard to get but it is worth it when you do!!! I have one and it’s the best


Since you live in Australia and have already said you love the Werrd Hour, I think the Irony JP is a great shout.

I too prefer the feel of 7075 over standard Aluminium so have made it a point to aquire a good amount of 7075 throws. The best 7075 yoyo I’ve personally played that is in the price range you mentioned and that is readily available is the Onedrop Valor. Absolutely sensational yoyo.

What are you looking for play-wise? Slower/chilled, fast, light, heavy, large, small? If you give us some specs to work to we’ll be able to advise you better. :slight_smile:


Also there is the Shu-Ta. $65, not shabby

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He could buy 2.


Shu-ta, IMO, if price is a selling point.


Irony JP


The easy answer would be the One Drop “Valor”.

Simply the best YoYo that One Drop has ever produced.


I personally like the 7075 gambit from 2sickyoyos. By far one of the smoothest, if not, the smoothest, throw I’ve tried. It has a great design and feel in the hand. You can probably find one in the bst.

Keep us updated with what you decided to get!


I have got 2.


I’m after something around 65-66 grams so it can play fast. I’ve considered the Werrd Irony JP simply because it’s cheaper to purchase in Aus and I keep hearing it’s a great yoyo. The Onedrop Valor is what I really want because I like It’s smaller diameter as compared to the Irony. But the price Including shipping for me to purchase it from YYE is just huge.


get the jpx.



Do YYE sell it?


You literally said yourself that you prefer to buy from within australia.