One drop Valor or yoyojam h3x


Which shall I get?


Would go for the valor. I prefer the V shape of it over the h3x


Valor has more value on BST if you ever decide to get rid of it. Aside from that its the smoothest thing ever.


H3X is apparently butter smooth as well. :wink:

As for value, I have to disagree. I’ve never seen an inexpensive H3X at a bargain price on the BST. Both yoyos are fetching $90+ in good used condition.


My bad. However, Valors are more in demand.


H3Xs are amazing. I love it. It’s like a dark magic had a baby with a Diamond Back. It’s just that good :smiley:

Right on the dot. It is so smooth, you barely even feel it on the string.

As for the Valor, I wasn’t very impressed. It was a foreign play style to me and it doesn’t look very appealing to me. The H3X on the other hand is Be-YUUU-Ti-Fall. It’s weight rings look so sleek in real life. The pics really don’t capture the way it looks.

All in all, I’d go with the H3X. I loved it, but it’s my opinion