The Underappreciated H3x


I´m fairly new to yoyoing, started this year, but found collecting yoyos a great hobby, somehow, even more than throwing them.
My level is intermediate at best, I heard many times that learning with cheap yoyos is better, since expensive ones are a waste in an inexperienced hands, I would disagree with that, learning with a good stable yoyo, makes things easier, as a not so good thrower, I can find huge differences between yoyos, in example, I can do a 30-50 seconds combo with my Draupnir, or 20-40 with my Benchmarks, while I´m unable to keep my shutter straight and spinning for more than 10 seconds (lol, I even tried to put a ceramic bearing on it, but is too unstable for my noob hands).

That being said, as an old guy with his own business, I can have the luxury to buy yoyos for collection, and I´m sure few will argue that the YYJ H3X is one of the most beautiful yoyos (if not the most) out there. But I was expecting a non impressive performance, (I always wondered why the titanium ring was almost in the center and not closer to the edge).
Certainly I can´t make an in-depth review since I´m not an expert, but I can say that I became impressed with the stability and everything else (besides the bearing that I replaced immediately), is smooth and forgives my bad technique.
But for some reason, I don´t see it has much popularity as other yoyos of similar price.
Can it be that at high levels is not that good? perhaps because his availability? (It was a pain in the butt to find a blue one), or what could be the reason is not mentioned as much as other yoyos of similar price?


ドロップニア....... うらやましい わ >.<

I think what you re referring to is that the hex has “high walls”.
With today’s standards, high walled yoyos are generally frowned upon as it reduces spin time and horizontal capabilities.

あなた、どんな かいしや 所有しているか
Hope you can read Japanese xD


Why do you think they made the decision to make a new yoyo with a design that is not popular by today´s standards?

Yes, I can read Japanese and I love Japan! (yoyos and anime!) :slight_smile:
Thought, I live here in Japan, I´m not Japanese, my pretty wife is Japanese :smiley:


I think they were trying to keep the dark magic theme

Maybe we can cross our infers and hope for a dark magic 3 wih mid or short walls :slight_smile:


Their recent Night Moves 7 does not inspire confidence. I will leave it at that.


It looks like a cheap bootleg.


It comes with the yoyojam stigma of most of their metals. Most people don’t want them for the brands name funny enough and a lot find their engravings fairly ugly. It’s also not the most abundant yoyo and you rarely see them on the BST. If they’re not on the BST people can’t trade for them and so they can’t give their opinion on it.

Also just wondering but do you visit all the awesome japanese stores down there? I’d be buying from turning point constantly with all their japan exclusives.


Oh yeah, I just got the most awesome crafted yoyo I ever touched, Turning Center (the ones that manufacture the yoyos for TP) the Hanzo. Google 第2弾のヨーヨー"HANZO" and you can see it in the first images results in case you haven´t heard of it.


Very familiar with it :). I’m also in love with their rim dipped itotope 2 prototype and splash ano palpitations


The H3X isn’t a full-on traditional “high wall”. There’s a stepped area just beyond the response, after which there are walls. A traditional high wall will have the response right into the wall itself.

That step means that you’re not really going to lose any spin time with it. The string is kept away from the wall for most types of tricks.

However, it’s still not a good profile for horizontal. So if you’re a horizontal player, it’s not the yoyo for you.

I would probably enjoy the H3X… but I haven’t tried one and there always seems to be one or two yoyos “just ahead” of it on my purchase list!


dunno why and no offense but I derploled at your pronunciation of draupnir.
Also didnt realize you can actually type full width characters on this board. I once tried to copy some text but they came out as code.


Wait, I want to laugh at Raigo, too! :wink: Where did you get to hear him pronounce “Draupnir”

(“Drowp-near” AFAICT, unless you’re Japanese…)


I believe the ‘au’ should be pronounced either literally as in ‘drow-sy’, or umlauted, along the line of a french eu followed by a german ue. I wonder how Palli says it.
‘Dropner’, on the other hand…


Trust the Norwegian here guys.


I do. :wink: I already said the “Drow” part… I believe he was just confirming that it could be that, or umlauted.


Lol! I actually didnt realize its pronounced Do - ra- u - pi - ni- ru. I assumed it was pronounce Drop - near xD
Are you trilingual or something ?
I can barely manage English/Japanese ._.


Well, if we are going strict with Japanese, Draupnir should be ドゥラプニア― (dolurapunia)


On their site it is spelled as ドラウプニル
This pronunciation stuff… So hard when there are two languages involved xD


Talking about yoyos not yet available out of japanese stores… Im trading/selling my leviathan 5. I posted it in fs ft forum here.

And back to the topic, as pointed before, the h3x do have a steep area to avoid string contact with the wall.


I suppose so… But when it starts to tilt a bit isn’t it prone to makin much more contact with the body than a low walled throw?

But I suppose of u aren’t a horizontal junkie, it could be a pretty good throw :slight_smile:
But honestly bro, I’m wondering how there is space for h3x In your throw time when you have a draupnir…
I would trade my collection ( which tips, at the most, at $190) for one T_T