BvM2 Review


So I’ve had my BvM2 for a couple weeks now, and i would have to say that i am very impressed with what CLYW did with this throw. I do not have a BvM1 but i hear that they are completely different from each other, and the the BvM2 is definitely and upgrade.


I got my BvM2 in the purple with a silver speckle. I will admit that there are cooler colors that come with this yoyo (City of Champions, Zip Zop, Electric Bacon, etc.) but i have wanted a purple yoyo for the longest time, so i got it. And i will say that it looks pretty cool. I was sort of expecting a heavier speckle than what i got, but it still looks great.

It also feels very smooth. The finish is a bead blast, so that is why it has a very smooth feel. The bead blast also gives it the ability for superb grinding abilities. 10/10


Diameter: 56.50 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 44.12 mm / 1.73 inches
Gap Width: 4.50 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 66.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Center Trac Bearing
Response: CLYW Snow Tires

Response and Bearing

I personally love the snow tires. People say that they take too long to break in, but i felt that mine were broken in when i got them. Perfect binds, no snags, i just really love this response.

I hate center tracs. Let me just get that out there. I hate them. They are WAY too loud, and every one i have tried has not been smooth, no matter how i clean it, or lube it, or anything. They are just way too rough and loud. So i took it out of the BvM2 and put it in my protostar (it needed a new bearing) and put a 10 ball into the BvM2. Boom. Instant improvement. The play was OK before, but with the 10 ball, it plays great. Super quiet. Super smooth. 7/10


This yoyo has a sort of rounded shape, while not being too organic. It’s sort of a cross between a V and organic shape in my opinion. It is very comfortable to throw and hold. 8/10


The Bear vs Man 2 is probably the best playing yoyo i have. No joke. It’s that good. It is SUPER stable, and plays solid, while not feeling like a rock on the string. It feels very mobile, and can move at incredible speeds. But its not only for fast play. It is good for everything. Fast, slow, horizontal, everything. The BvM2 also spins forever. I mean, whatever you do, it won’t stop spinning. It might be the most stable and long spinning yoyo i have. Like i said earlier, it grinds very well, except for IRGs. There really isn’t a good place to put your thumb or whatever unless you tilt the yoyo. Then it is fine. The BvM2 is super smooth too. You can barely feel it spinning. 10/10

Final Thoughts

CLYW did a great job with this throw. It is really everything you would want in a return top. It is a great competition throw, and great for just chilling and practicing tricks. And as it is my first REAL CLYW (besides the Summit, which i dont know if that counts), it is just an outstanding throw. 9/10

Thanks yoyoguy, now I want one :-
Haha, good review though!

Bought one yesterday, so I’m excited to try it out. =D

Thanks why can’t you get one?

You won’t regret it! ;D

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I cant wait to pick one up! Hopefully ill be able to get them by the middle of the month

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