clyw bear vs man v.s! spyy punchline repeater with voting

lol another time got stuck in those two awesome yoyos! :-\

wich one should i get i like the shape of the bvm and i think that the punchline repeater plays much better idk though much. by the way is there any difference between the purple bear vs man and the other bvms? like is it anoed and things like that or no its alike

anyways wich plays faster?

please leave a comment and vote

thank you.
srry for any wrong grammars ;D

I’ve never played with a repeated but the BVM is faster than my pre-pro punchline.

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the repeater is almost like the normal 1 but its more in weight and centered

plz vote though wich one u like more?

ill buy the yoyo that have the most votes and good opinions though they are both good

I got my bear vs man yesterday. Its one of the best yoyos I own. It never spins out, and is incredibly stable. It (or at least mine) has no vibe. The only downside to it (for me) is that it’s really heavy, and at times feels like a rock on a string. This shouldn’t discourage you from getting it, it is an AMAZING yoyo.

thank you for comenting btw any1 know if the purplele bvm different form the other in ano i ll thank em

I actually want to change something on my post above. The BvM is an awesome yoyo, but after playing with it a little more, I noticed that it did have some vibe, and had wobble (that did correct itself) on every throw. I swapped out the stock bearing, for a center trac bearing, and it is 20 times better. No vibe, no wobble, and dead smooth.

if i buyed onedrop 10ball would it? and plz tell me about the pruple new bvm is it different from the others?

Sorry, I’m not gonna be much of a help buy saying this. I’ve never played with a 10 ball, so i’d just recommend getting a center trac (you can buy them right here at YYE). Also, I don’t know if the purple is any different, but I have the purple edition, and its the coolest looking yoyo I’ve ever seen. I’m not much of a grinds person, but it has a great thumb grind, and a fine finger grind and arm grind. Get the yoyo, you won’t be disappointed.

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